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Josie, did you not get ANY of your Bluebelles? Since I'm doing your G2, what others did you want, maybe I have the baits/hair for those as well.

Skig, I can sympathize. But, not only did I allow her into one of my swaps, I actually bought the stupid ocarina for her. Had I known she hadn't even started the commissions, and likely never intended to, I wouldn't have done either. I can't even enjoy my OWN ocarina right now, because looking at it all I feel is the betrayal of my trust that DPP caused. Was the box you sent her the one TechoFilly PM'ed me about? If it's the same one, I chipped in like $20. Glad to see all those supplies I bought for you went to good use, DPP.

I can do anything basic, but feel my sculpting skills aren't up to snuff yet. I can do simple sculpts, but nothing fancy like feathered wings (well, not very well, anyway). I LOVE doing restorations (nirvana and otherwise) and rehairs. I seal with matte ModPodge anything that I paint, a use the tool method to rehair (and will use any type of hair the commissioner prefers), I can straw curl/boil perm, and I like to deflock. That about covers it!
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