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Twilight Saga Set! - (pic heavy)

Months ago when the release date for the 4th and final book in the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer was announced, I started the planning work on these girls.
The Twilight saga is a series of fictional books about vampire love, that I for one, can't get enough of <3
I based the ponies on the book covers, sculpting each of the main symbols to represent each book (i had to wait until the 4th book cover was released to finalize all this) Twilight's apple, New Moon's flower, Eclipse's broken ribbon, and Breaking Dawn's queen chess piece. But I wanted each pony to include all of the books as well. so the other representations were painted.
(all done in acrylic)
Their golden eyes are representative of our favorite 'vegetarian' family
The symbol on the NDS I added as a last minute whim. Its the Cullen family crest created for the upcoming movie version of the first book Twilight! (Dec 12!)
The hair is 8 colors from dollyhair, each chosen to represent the 8 main vampire/human characters (if you want to think of the black as the wolfs/Jacob...fine)
'black magic' for Alice, 'gingerbread' for Jasper, 'pumpkin pie' for Edward, 'espresso' for Bella, 'chocolate fudge' for Emmett, 'sunlight' for Rosalie, 'goldilocks' for Carlisle, and 'butterscotch' for Esme.
they each have their own 'bella bracelet' *sparkle*
I met my goal and had these girls done for the release of the book (August 2) and they went to the midnight release part with me
okay...on to pictures....
I'll start with a group shots


now individuals


New Moon:


and finally,

Breaking Dawn:

and an eye close up

thank you whippet! ~*~my customs site~*~

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Wow....what an amazing set! I am in awe!

Thank you Moonbreeze for my sig.
GG, Pa, and Twig....I miss you everyday.
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Amazing! I seriously need ot read those books...
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I commented on your thread on the Arena and I will repeat it! I love your customs and these are amazing!

Thanks BlackestBird and SilverHealer for my sig and avie respectively
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spectacular!!! they look wonderful together!!!

currently looking for Parasol variants...please PM me if you have any lovelies for sale!

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when i saw the pics i got really excited because i thought it was gonna be a special edition from hasbro.. they look THAt good!! before realizing they were customs )
amazing! standing O!!:wow1:
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I never heard of the books, but those customs are beyond awsome:4932:

My Wantlist--->
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Oh my God those are beautiful! I haven't read the books but I've always wanted to, since they take place near my second home in P.A. This just gives me another reason to track them down at the library!

MLTP member since August, 2003! Cat Adoption Team
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Wow.... those are beautiful....... stunning work..........
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They look great Jupi! I haven't read the series yet but now I have to read it. I just looked it up and got the titles of the books.

Thanks Cardinal Melody!
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