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Are fake nails supposed to hurt?

I just got my nails professionally done today for the first time in my life! (And probably the last, too. ) I was just going to get my real nails painted, but I need it to last all week for photos and for the wedding, and the girl at the salon told me that the paint would chip in two or three days. >_< So they recommended I got fake nails because they would last.

Since I've never done this before I'm wondering...are they supposed to hurt? The whole area around my nails feels really tender and sore. I don't know if this is a normal thing or if it's something to be worried about. Does it go away soon? I have no idea. @_@
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They are definatly not supposed to hurt but sometimes they can. The last time I had them they hurt and that is because they were not done properly and they were starting to come off my nails. Also she cut my cuticles while filing down my nails so that didnt help. I have heard that they can hurt for the first day and go away. If it is unbearable soak them in some warm water for a while but make sure to dry it off well because they can create fungus if you leave them damp.
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no, but sometimes they do if they're not done well, or if your hands are sensitive.

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Originally Posted by nickeline View Post
no, but sometimes they do if they're not done well, or if your hands are sensitive.
Agreed - I used to work as a receptionist in a salon and a lot of the customers were complaining that it was uncomfortable after having them done and the nails were coming off far too easily. It turned out that they had changed products and weren't applying them quite right so the others might be right and your nails haven't been done quite right?

A friend of mine also had problems like you're describing after having nails done for a while because her own nails had been filed back so far they were sensitive due to not being thick enough to . . . well cushion the nail bed I guess. She needed a break to let the nails grow out and become stronger. Could they have been a bit too rigorous filing do you think?
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Originally Posted by Princess Locket View Post
Could they have been a bit too rigorous filing do you think?
It could have been something like that. They used an electric file. I'd be surprised if they did something wrong though, because that was the place several people recommended I go and it has good ratings. o_O But they definitely are sore... it's not quite as bad today. Maybe since it's the first time I've gotten my nails done my hands just aren't used to it?
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Hum, its a bit odd - it might be were your not used to them... have a quick google ( i would but im at work right now)

Hopefully its just that.

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the first time i did mine it hurt. the cuticles got pushed back and that hurt
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It can hurt after having them done for the first time. The salon you went to, was is mostly Asians that either did or did not speak English very well? How much did the nails cost you? How long did it take to get a full set done?

Here is why I ask these questions. They are not "trained" in beauty school to use an electric file. There are only a few brands of electric files out there that are actually designed only for use on nails and they are expensive. So, alot of the "discount" salons buy electric files that are supposed to used on WOOD! and are never ever supposed to be used on people! They do this because these are cheaper than the ones actually designed for filing. Then they just "learn" how to use it, because remember most beauty schools do not teach how to use electric tools like this. What happens is that when they use the ones meant for wood it is too powerful and strips away too much of your nail leaving your nail bed sore and tender and you nails too thin.

An really good technician that is fully and properly trained and does either mostly (and if they use an electric tool they use the right one) or all hand filing will charge around $50 for a full set, or more, and should take between and hour to 1 1/2 hours to put a full set on. This why all the Asian salons are considered "discount" salons. And yes they are all licensed to practice, but did you ask if their license was current or expired (most of them must post their license where it is visable to the public, so just look at it, if it obtained more than 2 years ago chances are it may be expired)? What school they went to? I would also check with you local laws and see what exactly the requirements are for a beautician license. Some states they just have to pass a written test, others they only have to show there knowledge about hygeine and communicable diseases. In some states they don't have to go through the entire beauty school, just pass a test to be a licensed as a nail technician and pay the fee (some also require that each technician have a small business license as well).

The problem is that the general public is so used to the Asian "discount" salons that it is seen as normal, that this is what or how nails should be done. But most of them do not do nails properly and it results in a lot of cases of hurt, sore and inflammed nails and alot of people end up with some sort of fungus either from the nails not being done properly (nail lifts and water gets trapped inside) or more commonly, tools that are not cleaned properly. If they did not completely disinfect all their tools and brushes in front of you ask them to and if they refuse, just walk out! And rinsing the brush in acetone is NOT disinfecting (and yes they will try to convince you that it is).

And maybe it's just me, but I do not go to any technician that I can't hold a full and understandable conversation with. It's not that I'm racist or even have a problem with them (after all, at least they are working and not sitting at home on welfare), it's just that when there is a communication barrier it's hard to understand what they are doing and to let them know what you want or expect from them. And next time if you just want your nails painted then just get a regular manicure, they talked you into fake nails because they wanted more money. Yes, paint can chip more easily on regular nails, but you can also get a quick touch up job a night or two before the wedding, but as long as you really take good care of them and don't pick at them, the paint probably would still have looked good a week later on your natural nails. Now you have to decide if you want to keep up on getting fills or go have them taken off by the salon, which you will need to do because if you try to rip them off yourself you could rip open your nailbeds (and most salons charge almost as much to take them off as they do to put them on, that's how they get you, they know you will either have to come back and get fills or get them taken off, either way it's more money in their pockets).

Anyway, I'm sorry your experience wasn't how you hoped. Hopefully the pain won't last much more than a day.
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I heard after filing the nail down, the chemicals can make your finger nails hurt afterwards. I have never had it down personally. My mom when I was a kid use to get it done all the time. And her fingers sometimes hurt.
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Hi, Ive had my nails done quite a few times, over the span of 10 years. I get them done for a few months, then take them off. I do this a lot lol. Like, I can have them in the winter but I can't in the summer because I garden a lot. Everytime I get them put on they make my fingers tender. Its normal. And its not because it was a crappy place, because I've had them done in 3 or 4o different states. Fake nails are a lot of stress on your fingernail beds. The extra pressure when they put them on, the extra pressure whenever you scratch, and all that. Its normal, don't let ppl scare you. I've also done my own nails. even when i do them myself, the nailbeds are tender.

Glory312, I dont htink it matters if the are "discount asian" or not. I've been to both. And yes, you do sound racist.

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