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Friends Discussion This board is for Off Topic (Non-MLP) general discussion. Post your messages here concerning personal news, announcements, opinions, or just have a friendly chat with members..

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Loquacious Yellow Unicorn
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I just got into Bones. It comes on about the time I get in from work, so I usually get to watch one and a half eps over supper and net-surfing... It's got strong characters, cases that are "solved" in each episode and I relish the fact that there's always a gross dead body in the first 5 minutes of every show - the corpse effects are great! Whoever is doing them really enjoys their work.

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Originally Posted by Kar Red Roses View Post
Bittie! I got my face onto an ep of Cake Boss - the one with the giant carnivorous plant cake at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens! I'm standing directly behind the lady who rec'd the cake and I got to nom on some of the sugar flowers

The Cake Boss Takes on Our Wicked Plants Algonquin Books Blog
OMFG! That's it, I need to go find it online, watch it again and screenshot you. Then I'm sending the pic to you and you have to autograph it for me LOOOOL! Are his cakes as yummy as they look? Kar I swear, you get cooler EVERY day <3
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Flat Foot Peachy
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Top Gear is my absolute favorite. Other than that I like Good Eats, Law and Order SVU, and Metalocalypse. The rest of the time it's flipping channels til we find something that looks good. I don't really watch shows that you have to keep up with every week, my schedule is just too crazy. Lately I find myself watching a lot of Anderson Cooper and whatever's on Palladia (my guy likes that channel because they show a lot of concerts from the UK).
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Diva Pony
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I usually watch game shows and reruns of Everybody Hates Chris and George Lopez...
obviously hockey during the season, but that's all over now!

Thanks to Pop Girl (av!)

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Horse Lover
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im a big fan of:

law and order
without a trace
cold case

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Chatty Sweet Talkin Pony
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My fave shows are:

The Saddle Club
Home Improvement
Girls in Love
American Idol

I can't remember! My brain won't think! I love animal and nature shows. I love cartoons.
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Pinkie Pies Pal
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Okay, here goes...

-Castle!!! <3 <3 <3
-CSI: New York
-Private Practice
-Legend of the Seeker
-Exteme Make-Over: Home Edition
-The Forgotten
-Criminal Minds
-reruns of Reba

We have very limited cable so I don't get that many channels. I really wish we did, though. There are probably more, but my brain won't function properly right now...
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Party Animal
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Television is kind of my life XD so here's my schedule keeping in mind that shows go on/off the air during certain sections of the season.

Sunday: Desperate Housewives, Celebrity Apprentice, The Amazing Race, Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, Design Star, Dexter
Monday: Chuck, The Last Comic Standing, True Beauty, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, The Rachel Zoe Project, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Persons Unknown, 9 By Design, Kell on Earth
Tuesday: Flipping Out, Million Dollar Listing, Biggest Loser, V, Shark Tank, The Millionaire Matchmaker
Wednesday: America's Next Top Model, Modern Family, Wipeout, Top Chef, Work of Art
Thursday: Community, Survivor, Burn Notice, The Real Housewives of New York/OC, Project Runway, Watch What Happens Live!, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League
Friday: Primetime: What Would You Do?

Multiple Days: Big Brother

I think that's everything!
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I tooadally promise it'll be toooadally fun!!
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I don't recognize half the names of shows you guys are naming. I often wonder why we bother with cable--('SCUSE ME... FIOS.)LOL

I watch Bones, Castle and Whale Wars (all recorded to watch when I feel like it), and hubby likes Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Wrecked, and Castle. He likes to watch his "live" though. I think I could get into Sponge Bob, though...saw an episode in passing and laughed me arse off. I have the complete set of Due South DVDs, which I was never able to watch when it was on (mid 1990s) and am currently feeling the need to watch them from the start for about the third time. And I miss Northern Exposure.

NOw I have to go check out Kar's face in the icing...
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Monday is Secret Life of the American Teenager, and Tuesday will now be Pretty Little Liars. I want to read the books too... to see how they're going to compare to the series. I really got into Project Runway this past season, which I never though I would. Some other favorites when we catch them:

Operation Repo
Cake Boss
Pawn Stars
Ghost Hunters
White Collar

Think we're going to subscribe to Netflix so I can rent and watch some of the series from the beginning. Other than that, it's channel surfing. Chad tends to wait until I'm interested in something to start flipping through. Then I miss bits while he's flipping back and forth.

Thanks, kuirl!
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