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Confused about Pat Pend marks, help please??


I bought four sundae best ponies from Germany (two being the ones with alternate hair colour). All were made in China and had no pat pend marks.

I always thought that only German ponies are missing this. Well I went and looked at my complete set. Of these 5 were Hong Kong and one China but these had no Pat Pending marks either.

This intrigued me so I started looking through my other ponies. My 1st edition princess ponies were all pat pend yet none of my 2nd edition princesses were.

Did Hasbro stop putting pat pending on at a certain point?

Any info around this subject would be helpful
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I'm guessing at a certain point the patent wasn't pending on certain molds anymore? It was perhaps a full patent then.

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These ponies were produced for the German market, so the pat. pend. is missing. "German ponies" doesn't mean, that they were produced here. We are everything else than a land where the production costs are low, and I don't want to know what the MLPs would have costed, if Hasbro had produced them here ...
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I don't think pat pend is alway a good indicator of German ponies. I have German carded ponies that have the pat pend mark on them, and I have guaranteed US bought ponies without them.

My thoughts are that it is a date thing. After a certain point, the patent was approved, so there was no need for the mark. I think Germany may have got their ponies later than other places, which is why theirs do not always have pat pend on them.

I'm only convinced it works for Princesses and Big Brothers, and possibly some made in Italy.

What does confuse me, however, is that I had the Apple Delight family as a kid bought as a set in the States. Mummy and Daddy have pat pend on their feet, but baby sis does not!
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it definitely has to do with the mold. Patent Pending means the patent application has been filled, but not yet approved. When something is patented, it means you can't legally steal it.. and patent pending means the same thing, because it lets you know it's in the proccess of. Does that make sense?

When the loving families came out, the male clydesdale pose and Mommy Apple Delight/UUA's pose had been introduced either that year or the year before, new enough that their patent hadn't gone through yet. Baby Apple Delight is in Ember's pose, which was by then 3 or 4 years old and had been approved.

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