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MLP Discussion This board is for My Little Pony related general discussion. Post your MLP related messages here for: questions, announcements, stories, information, price checks, new releases etc.

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G3 Pony ID help- with pic

I was wondering if anyone could identify the two G3s in this pic? I know they are hard to see, but they are on my local Craigslist and I was thinking about buying them. Is the yellow one Alphabittle? She is asking $6 and says the lot also comes with two MLP CDs, whatever that could be

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Nope, those are the Avon ponies.

That yellow one is a baby pony.

Avon G3 Ponies

"Peach Surprise and Baby Tea Lily"
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I think $6 is a fair price for that lot. Peach Surprise and Tea Lily would be worth around $2-3 each so I think that's fair.
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