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MLP Discussion This board is for My Little Pony related general discussion. Post your MLP related messages here for: questions, announcements, stories, information, price checks, new releases etc.

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Are any of these pony combs?


I have an odd assortment of combs and brushes here and I would love some help IDing them. The only one I think might be a pony comb is the red heart because it looks like ones that came with G1 pony merchandise. If any of these are HTF please let me know . I also remember the purple flowery comb came with a white cat in a perfume bottle but I no longer have her :(

Thanks everyone!

^^^ I think those came with Snugglebumms?

While I'm at it I may as well see if any of you know who this is? It says Hasbro and Disney 1980-something on it?

And this otter?

Sorry if this is in the wrong section :hiding:
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i dont think any of those brushes and combs are mlp, either fakies or other toy merchandise. the the disney hasbro toy is moosel, a wuzzle character.
the cat or otter, no clue, probably a fakie toy.
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The teal comb on the right that looks like a cupcake goes with a Cupcake doll, and the comb in the middle with a heart and ribbon is G3 MLP. The white cat in a perfume bottle sounds like Little Pretty Kitty. :-) Little Pretties [ghost of the doll]

Thanks for the blinkies! Ristvak!!!!

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Cool! Thank you
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the otter i think is just a regular bath toy type of thing, i had quite a few of those animals as a kid.

the sea moose is dead scary
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The Disney wuzzle is called Moosel. I just sold a plushie
Oops im a bit slow someone already told you this lol... nm... my webby is playing up.
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