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Lightbulb Spotlight: G2 BOYS! [Pic-heavy]

Branched from this topic:

Where my G2 Collectors at?

These are all the G2 boys I'm aware of and which I own. I haven't looked at any of the babies yet, it's possible there are some there too

US-release Clever Clover

Adventure card from the backcard

Full backcard:

MOC front view:

Euro Prince Aventure

Full backcard (French):

Full backcard (Jewel's English translation):

MOC front view:

Euro Prince Blue Dream

Full Backcard:

MOC front view:

Euro Prince Fauna

Full Backcard:

MOC front view:

Euro Prince Clever Clover

Full Backcard:

MOC front view:

Can anyone translate this one?

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Oh man, thanks for sharing! Now I totally *need* Prince Adventure. Btw, perused your site. You have such an amazing pony room!! But you probably didn't need me to tell you that.

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I tooadally promise it'll be toooadally fun!!
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OH man! Thanks for posting these. Great pics! I love the accessories with Euro Prince Clever CLover...
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Spike the Dragon
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Thanks for sharing I was wondering about the G2 boys. I've never heard of prince adventure before
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Thanks for this!!

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The G2 boys are so feminine!!

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Right-on! Wicked handsome boys! Cool..

"I knew I belonged to the public and to the world, not because I was talented or even beautiful, but because I had never belonged to anything or anyone else."
~By Marilyn Monroe
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great post jewel! i love the g2 backcards
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they look fab i dont own many g2s but me thinks i will keep an eye out for them now
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Wow this pictures sure bring back some sweet late 90s memories! Though G2 wasn't exactly the favourite generation, I had some pleasant and fond memories of them. Although Clever Clover is officially a boy, I still see him as a tom-boyish girl pony. I really wish they made a separate mold for boy ponies specifically.

I didn't know the TP likes doing features, I did one on Majesty a week ago on the arena, I think I should post it here.

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