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MLP Discussion This board is for My Little Pony related general discussion. Post your MLP related messages here for: questions, announcements, stories, information, price checks, new releases etc.

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Talking Show me your MIB and MOC ponies!

The title says it all!
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These are the only pics I have of my MOCs and MIBs. I have others...MIB Apple Delight Family, Sweet Celebrations family, MOC TE Fizzy, Sweet Pop, Wizzer, Masquarade, and Gingerbread. Also have MOC Cocoberry, SS Ribbon, SS Twist, Cloud Dreamer, Tuneful and Gusty. MIB Red Roses and BNG Bouquet. MIB Baby Racer, Baby Drummer, and Baby Moondancer. MOC baby Wiggles, Sparkle Baby Firefly, Rainbo Baby Rainribbon, Baby BrightBow and Baby Sun Ribbon. And a few others...but these are the ones I have pics of right now.


Big Brothers and some TEs

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WOW that is a lot

I only have 1 in my collection so far.

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My three...

The last one I put in a plastic Christmas ornament to preserve her package. Seemed appropriate.

Thanks for the blinkies! Ristvak!!!!
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I only have one:

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman in possession of disposable income must be in want of a pony.
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here's everything that's in my photobucket - sorry for the size randomness!

Dutch Diary!

Merry Treat

Pony Bride - U.S. release

My Pretty Pony! (where it allllll started for me)

Pony Bride - Italian and U.K. releases

Red Roses :rose:

Purple German Talking pony (I think her name translated means 'little golden throat'?)


My Customs Gallery, now updated!
Shrunken Heads & Day of the Deads
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So Many goodies in this thread! Here are my darlings!

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This topic is not for the light hearted.. o.O

my love is yours mommy. 3 years and i miss you so. Just wait for me...
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here are mine!!
a few i have actually decarded since the pics were taken *dodges fakies*


Click HERE to see my 121 Argies!
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I also have MIP sparkle baby gusty but now pic at this time! :(

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