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todlless 01-11-2011 05:56 PM

The MLPTP's Great Birthday Swap - Wishlists thread!
Wahoo im in for the march swap. My Wish list it below, please ignore any ponies which are not in the price range for this swap.

~PRETTYKITTY~ 01-13-2011 11:16 PM

The MLPTP's Great Birthday Swap - Wishlists thread
PK's Wishlist:

So I have ALOT on my wishlist-I mostly just went down the list and put down the ones I don't have. My top Favs are:

Big Brothers/mountain boys
Baby Brothers
Teenie Babies
Sparkle babies
So Softs
Perfume Puffs
Sweet Heart Sisters (esp the glittery ones :D)

I have various different types of ponies in my collection, some have small makings, slight hair cuts or tiny smudges on symbols. I love the near mint ponies-of course :P but I also have a big bait collection, I enjoy customizing and restoring :)

Aside from ponies I like Candles-good smelling ones! Any thing from Bath and Body works (Looove Midnight Pomegranite and Twilight woods). I love to read, like those cute lil pocket books that have useless tidbits that are oh so interesting :P I like comics like Farside or Garfield. Dolly hair is great too-I'm a customizer so any colors are great.

Candy: Milk chocolate, cheewy sweet tarts, suckers, mint chocolate.

Peppermint Truly 01-29-2011 04:41 PM

The MLPTP's Great Birthday Swap - Wishlists thread
This thread is for the MLPTP's Great Birthday Swap wishlists... ONLY!

Any comment here that is not someone's wishlist will be removed. This is to make wishlists easy to find for partners.


CJFullmer 01-29-2011 05:12 PM

CJ's Birthday Swap Wish List
So, for the purposes of this swap, here is my pony wish list (Please ignore any that don't fit within the price range, but I think I weeded all those out). * denotes special wants.

These are all G1s:
Snuzzle (concave foot)
Baby Surprise*
Scoops (also looking for her apron and hat)
Baby Ribbs
Baby Paws
Baby Peeks (newborn twin)
Yum Yum (flutter)
Cloud Puff
Tip Toes
Silky Slipper
Posey Rose
Birthday Pony (the 10th year one)

Absolute no-no's for my ponies:
Hair cuts
...Otherwise, I'm not too picky. Don't mind initials on the bottoms of feet, or other minor things.

Other interests/stuff:
Dance (ballet, modern, jazz, musical theatre - I am currently a first year MFA student in Dance Choreography)
Green Cheek Conures (birds - so, toys they can rip up and shred, or bird size-appropriate treats)
Cats (we have two kitties that will sometimes play with fluffy toys, or toys with bells or anything with catnip)
All forms of chocolate
Watermellon, peach and grapefruit flavored gummy candies, well, let's face it, ANY kind of gummy candies
Favorite color is dark purple or blue
Small lotions I can stick in my dance bag for my poor feet
Pens with fun colored ink! My husband is always walking off with my pens...
Candles (anything that doesn't smell musk like... Prefer cinnamon, apple, citrus smells, fresh out-doorsy scents)
I like to sew and cross stitch
I am on a mission to become more girly, so hair stuff (I have long hair), make-up or whatever that might be fun... however, I am not, and do not pretend to be, a teenager/young twenties, so age appropriate is good. :icon_razz1: No nail polish though!

Things I don't like:
Hard/sticky candies that hurt my teeth

tsukikakushi 01-29-2011 05:17 PM

Here's my wishlist, just ignore anything that's over the limit:

Acceptable flaws :small marks are ok, writting on bottom of hooves. Have a good pony who has a decent body but bad hair? I don't mind rehairs if you'd like to do it :) (as long as it's in the pony's original hair color ect.) Have a poor baity firefly sitting around and can't find a home for her? Send her my way ( I have a few I've rescued from bait lots and restored, Firefly=<3) I like random merch too.

My B-day is St. Patties, & my Great Grandmother was full Irish, so I love Celtic/Irish stuff!
Green is my favorite color :)
I drive a hearse <3
I like homemade stuff (customs, drawings, crafts, be as creative as you like)
I LOVE candles (pretty much any scent as long as it's not to perfumey)
I like to be artsy crafty myself, so I love random craft supplies
I have 2 large dogs and a cat (they like treats and toys :) )
I love horses
I'll read pretty much anything, but I like Sci-fi, Fantasy & Horror best.
My favorite band is Coheed & Cambria, I like classic rock too
I DO NOT wear jewlery or makeup (I'm not too girly)
Candy likes: I'm pretty easy to please, no allergies, but here are a few favs- Snickers, anything carmel, dark chocolate, twizzlers, anything with nuts, sour patch kids (or any sour candy), lime flavor
Candy no-no's- black licorice, anything grape or bannana, sweedish fish
I love home baked stuff! (ie cookies...)

Christie0316 02-03-2011 03:35 PM

Christie's Birthday Wish List
I would love any of the following ponies... Ignore anything over budget! Thanks! :)


MIB Minty (Original Release/First Issue)
MIB Lavender Lake
Loose Winter Snow
Loose Royal Beauty
Loose Toola Roola Light Up Figure (Came w/ Bubble Bath)

Toola Roola Ponyvilles
I would love the loose Toola figures OR the whole set- I'd be happy either way :)
"Hairstyles in a Snap"
"On Stage"

Celebration Castle Accessories
Sunsparkle's comb and tutu
Tea pot, one orange teacup, one pink fork

NBT Baby Speckles
NBT Baby Doodles
NBT Baby Noodles
NBT Baby Sleep Tight
NBT Baby Sleepy Head
Baby Wiggles
Baby Squirmy
Baby Dangles
Any working Secret Surprise that has her key
Any version of "Misty" (Play Set Petite)

Other info...
I am not too fond of candles or lotions because most scents are too strong for me. I love all G3/G4 MLP stickers and any other kind of merchandise.
I LOVE G1 newborn baby accessories (teddy bear brushes, duck combs, bottles, newborn diaper boxes, rattles, rockers/strollers/etc.) and don't have most yet!


maycrestmom 02-04-2011 10:18 AM

Sorry for being late! had to actually take a count to update this = this is pretty much IT for my wishlist (actually have to think about thinning the herd - only so much shelf space -lol)

Like everybody else, ignore if out of price range... but don't feel you have to load me up with a bunch of ponies = just one nice is plenty fine and greatly appreciated as well :-) !!


concave foot minty - great shape (she and snuzzle are my army girls :-) )
(not really G1 but still...) retro/re-release minty (maybe someone wants to just give one away ;-)?)
Barnacle -ideally with curly hair
Steamer - with PINK hair
Tuneful - ideally head/body match and curly hair
Starflower - no cancer please
(set completer) cool breeze
Sky Rocket - hopefully blue-y colored sparkle body/head
fancy mermaid "pink"pearly
fancy mermaid "purple" shimmer
baby snippy with pink hair please
baby sweetstuff - still pink please
any glittery sweetheart girls (don't have any) with their earrings please

UK girls:

Kiss and Make Up
(set completer) Beautiful Bows
Collector Pose Applejack
Collector Pose Bowtie

Royallette - would love her in her case with stuff
July Larkspur - prefer loose
Snowdrop Swirl = this is like my G3 grail (set completer)

OK about ponies:

FLAWS - unacceptable/acceptable
for the "old" ponies = no pin dot mold, major symbol rubs, chew marks, no haircuts to mane or tail, please hopefully, no smoke or other funky smells. Small rubs on NDS or small marks that can be hidden by hair or can’t really see when displayed (writing on the feet) or marks that can be sun-faded I’m fine with. I can paint in eye rubs if everything else is fine… like most folks, I prefer ponies to be in excellent condition, but hey, these are like 30 year old, probably played with toys, so some wear and tear is understandable and I don’t consider myself a picky G1 collector as I have no MIB/MOC.

BIG PLUS if you are able to take a "bait" pony and fix her up = I am fine with that... I myself have done little repairs from swaps and ebay lots like replacing cut tails from donors and stuff. So if you luck out and get a $2buck pony and make her look awesome for display = yay :-) My ponyroom collection is totally about creating a rainbow in an otherwise grey office space so please feel free to save some money and use your talents to rework any of my colors ponies as I am not looking to have this simply be about an investment (nice side effect in 50 years but not banking on it...) as I am just now totally bitten by the whole arty side of the my little pony world :-)

for the "new" ponies" = the G3’s on the other hand, I am picky about and prefer pristine ponies (but then those girls should be pristine if one is paying $10 in this economy)
except if you have the amazing talent for customs than the only thing I would say is please pack anything delicate really carefully as I have had custom pony parts not travel well, and while crafty, I'm limited in my repairs capability


love all things green, aqua, blue - I'm a fishy-kinda cool colors person that way... celtic origins so anything knotwork is awesome (and perfect for St. Patrick's day which is when I was "supposed" to be born - not that I've ever done anything I'm told!)

Candy is always fun to share with now 5 other sweet tooth-s in the family = love all things minty and chocolate, candy corn, M&M, sweet tart and even leftover valentine's candy is GREAT (I sooo love getting that when it's at least 50%on sale ya know? and I never do a swear-off chocolate and/or candy for lent so I'm cool past fat tuesday!)

love all things coffee (I know I know, not good when doing customs ... most of my painting is done way late in the day for that reason but AM java is just devine) Oh, and I have a grinder, so sending along a local whole bean (love surprise blends) is fine

Love pony drawings and sketches = trying to do more art with my girls and always love the thought and time that goes into a hand-made card or any other item
That’s why hand-made/crafted anything is awesome (love all things tie-dyed)
Favorite horse type is an appaloosa
Favorite fantasy critter is the unicorn
Mostly a cool colors kinda gal, but love all the colors of the rainbow in regards to swirls and rainbows, butterflies and fairies J

(again mentioning) 3 kids – all J’s = Jessica (7) Julianna (5) and Jason (3) so any inclusions are always part of the fun of getting pony mail as they definitely are on the watch with me come time for a mail delivery J

additional info...
oh and no alergies or anything to worry about for me or the household = we're pretty hardy peasant stock (thank goodness) :-)

have 3 tuxedo cats who fortunately have NOT acquired a taste for ponies (love that post... MMM ponehs)
have Ben - our "loveable" ball python

love all things Tim Burton...

and that's about all I can think of at the moment ;-)

Snork_Maiden 02-28-2011 03:09 AM

Here's my wishlist:

I'm a very non-fussy collector. I actually like ponies in bad condition because it gives me more to do. The only things I can't stand are pin-dot mold, pony cancer and ponies smelling of cigarette smoke. Also, I would prefer getting several cheaper ponies to getting one expensive pony.


- Minty, either FF or CF
- Seashell
- Twilight (the unicorn or the SoSoft pegasus - I've got neither, and I love them both)
- SoSoft Truly, Paradise, Bouncy
- Twinkle Eye Sweet Pop
- Pretty & Pearly Baby Sea Ponies: any except Sea Shimmer
- Big Brother: Quarterback, 4-Speed, Wigwam
- Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Ponies: any
- Happy Tails Ponies: any except Romper
- Sparkle Ponies: Star Hopper
- Sunshine Pony Seaflower
- SHS: Frilly Flower, Fancy Flower
- Rainbow Curl Ponies: any
- Baby Sparkle Ponies: any
- Glow 'n' Show Ponies: any except Starglow
- I also love G1 Plushies. I've only got Parasol (the open-mouthed version) so far.


I collect G3s by appearance only; I know very little about their prices. If I've chosen any that go beyond the price limit, just ignore them.

- Dream Drifter
- Daisy May
- Flower Garland
- Midnight Dream
- Royal Twist
- Secret Wish
- Tangerine Twinkle
- Daisy Paisley
- Glitterbelle
- Rainbowberry

Candy likes:

- I have no food allergies.
- I always love trying new candy. If there's a kind of candy your area is famous for, I'd love to try it.
- I love chocolate, especially with peanut butter and / or caramel. I'm not too fond of dark chocolate, though.
- other candy likes: gummy bears, hard candy, toffees etc.

Candy dislikes:

- black liquorice
- jelly babies (How can you expect anyone to eat babies?)
- wine gums

Other likes:

- Disney, especially "Beauty and the Beast", "The Lion King", "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" and "Winne-the-Pooh".
- Picture books: I collect them.
- musicals, especially "The Phantom of the Opera"
- necklaces
- I like lions a lot, also sea cows and tapirs.
- Smooshees: I collect them.
- I've also got a dog (Karlsson) and a guinea pig (Luna). Not sure what to get for Luna, since she's mostly interested in food, but Karly would love something nice to play with. It has to be virtually indestructable, though, because he's very smart and can tear apart your average doggie toy in under five minutes.

Other dislikes:

- Scented candles: They make my eyes water.
- scented soaps, make-up etc.: I have very sensitive skin, and I never know when I might develop a weird reaction to something, so I'm reluctant to try anything new.

chipsterj 03-10-2011 12:16 PM

I am fairly fussy, but I do accept minor flaws.

Bite Marks/ sliced plastic
Major Hair Chops Forelock trims
Hair Frizz/dryness
MAJOR symbols rubs
Pen marks
head/body mismatches

Minor < 10% rubs to eyes, symbol,Pearlized coating
Highlighter marks
Re-pinked/re-haired (just let me know it is "restored")

Want list:

Grails for 2011
HK Pearlized Glory
UK Pearlized Backstroke
China Cuddles
China Tidleywinks

Upgrades needed
Slugger (no regrind)
Quarterback (no cancer)
Chief (no Cancer)
4-Speed (no cancer, pink stripe)
BNG Curly Locks (pink stripe, works, no regrind, silky hair)
UK Alphabet

Water color ponies that still change color (ANY)
UK BNG Ponies Alt pose still work and pink stripes where applicable
UK/ NSS Buttons (Either Version)
UK/NSS Northstar
UK/ NSS Posy (Pink hair, re-pinked OK, bright flowers)
Italy Confetti (White as possible- set completer)
Argentina Fancy pants (ANY)
breezies that I am missing (not pictured)
G3 Sweetsummertime w/ accessories
G2 Lady slipper (is she the one with dance shoes?) w/ accessories
UK Activity Club: Baby pony, Ribbons & hearts?)

UK School Bag for Schooltime ponies
Princess Clips (purple (both shades), Yellow))
Pink Boa
Earrings: blue, aqua dangle (only need 1 of each)
Yellow DNP clip with blue hair
Yellow HT clip w/ magenta hair
White squirrel clip (X2)
Stickers (playset, ponywear early year babies- pretty much any!)
Ribbons any, but especially WW,SW & princess ones.
Princess Dragons (need ALL)
Breezie crowns & necklaces
G3 Dance around/ Dance slipper accessories

Winter babies (prefer to have accessories)

Baby pink Sprinkles
Persona TAF BABY: White (any breed) multicolored hair in bold colors (Blue, Aqua, Purple, Orange, Green, Magenta, Royal Purple- any 3-4 color combination) with different colored dolphins, Stacktoys or Both to match the hair color.


Anything featuring: Glory, Sprinkles, Tiddleywinks or Cuddles
Rubber stamps (I have Bowtie, Firefly,Skydancer & Moondancer)

I'm not too overly fond of chocolate candy other than possibly TWIX.
I like chewy candies (Starburst, tootsie rolls, twizzlers,sourpatch kids, taffy (not salt water)

PETS: 3 Cats, 3 Gold Fish, 2 Gerbils.
Colors: orange, green

Sorry my list is not so long... This is harder than I thought. Pretty much and Nirvana would be welcome into my collection. I am not an MIB/MOC collector!

Peppermint Truly 03-10-2011 09:09 PM

I tried to list only ponies that are within the price range, but I took this from my full wishlist, so overpriced ponies might've leaked here. Just ignore them :)

As for conditions of ponies: Hair seems to be the thing that matters to me the most. I don't mind very small haircuts, but I am a big fan of soft, silky hair. I don't mind small marks or small damage to the eyes and/or symbols either. Also, condition is related to the pony's value or how HTF a pony is. I wouldn't mind a more HTF/rarer pony in not so excellent condition, but if it is a common pony, I'd love it to be mint. Same thing applies to pricing a pony, I wouldn't mind a pony with several issues if it is more HTF and its condition makes it fit in the price range.

G3s don't have to be MIB since I'll debox them anyway, but they do have to be as close to mint as possible. I don't need the accessories unless I list so.

My Pretty Pony (pink or brown)
Confetti (super white only)
Sea Breeze
Sand Dollar
Wave Jumper
Pink Dreams
Cherry Treats (Super white only)
Blueberry Baskets
Cranberry Muffins
Deflocked SS Fifi *
Deflocked SS Truly *
SS Twilight
SS Angel
TAF Buttons
Apple Delight Family (near mint only for upgrade)
Speckles and Bunkie
Any Perfume Puff except Sweet Suds and Sweet Lily
Lucky Leaf and Leafy
Stripes and Nectar - pet only, I already have the pony
Bunny Hop
Baby Brightbow
Baby Sunribbon
Any Flower Fantasy pony except the purple one
Colorswirl Starswirl
Colorswirl Springy
Blue or purple Fancy mermaid pony
Tuneful (with guitar only)
Any dream beauty except Skyflyer and the blue pegasus one
Baby Explorer
Bon Bon
Baby Pony
Baby Bridesmaid
Baby Fun 'n Games
Baby Sunbright
Any Nurse Pony
Any Sweetie Baby
Baby Bouncy
Jazzie rollerskate pony (with headphones preferred) *
Melody rollerskate pony (with headphones preferred)
Any Great Hair Pony
Baby Fun n Games*
German Baby Starbow
Pearly Baby Firefly
Pearly Baby Surprise

Baby Winter Ice w/scarf
Baby Northern Lights w/scarf
All Birthflower ponies, especially May
Comic Con Ponies - 2007 , 2009, 2010 *
All Fair ponies except 2007 Fair Pony
Valentine's Day Ponyville tubes
Underwater Pony or the other art pony that was released at the same time*
Ice Cream Dream Supreme truck
Royal Beauty

UK Baby Strollers
Any princess dragon except purple one
Wigwam's headdress (upgrade)

I don't have a lot of customs but I wouldn't mind receiving a custom at all if you are into making customs and you're having problems finding ponies from my list.

General likes and dislikes:
To eat: Dark chocolate, cookies, cocoa, coffee, gummy worms, Coke gummies, pumpkin pie
To smell: Vanilla, plumeria, flowery smells, pumpkin
General taste: Punk music, horror movie fan. I live by myself with my husky Diesel. He's my baby, a spoiled husky who looks darling wearing bandanas and loves squeaky toys. My favorite colors are cyan/turquoise (big time!) and purple.
Jelly bean type candy, earrings, um... chili... (not that you'd send me chili anyway). I'll try to add more as I think of these.

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