A happy ending


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Jan 20, 2018
About a month ago, I met neat ex drag queen at a local Value Village. He was a super sweet guy and former MLP collector. We chatted for a while and he told me he kept a bunch of back cards and pamphlets.

A couple days later, he messaged me to let me know he picked up a pink sea pony shell for me. I asked if he wanted to sell me his back cards and we agreed on $40 for everything. I met him outside the Value Village a couple days ago and when I opened my purse to take out the money, I realized I dropped the cash somewhere inside Value Village. I frantically ran in looking for the money, but never found it. This is the Value Village where all the street people and very low income folks shop, so I at least hope it went to someone who needed it more than me. Anyway, I told this guy I would have to go to the car for more money and he just gave me everything. He said he wasn't even going to originally charge me and he was sad I lost my money. What an amazing guy. He just wanted this stuff to go to a collector who would appreciate it.

Another weird thing about this is that two of the back cards just happened to be for the two MOC ponies I just bought. What are the chances? Either way, I'm very happy. 20180731_202252.jpg 46438435_631661743915315_1539972219176747008_n.jpg 46507224_323632675134400_9110402096183640064_n.jpg 46507755_2180893262134510_1487179146894245888_n.jpg 46513283_289260698376514_6834397770963484672_n.jpg 46801065_309849789616066_2926757270031171584_n.jpg

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Jun 25, 2014
What a sweet person.
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Oct 18, 2017
Such a sweet story and super cool things!!! I wish the pony gods would my end of the country a little lately. Lol
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