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Unicorn Pony
Hi Starrby... I was wondering if you could do a newborn unipeg for me? It´s my sons pony persona....

Pony's Name: Robin
Pose: Unipeg newborn, or just a newborn.....
Body Color: light blue
Eye Color: blue
Mane Color: pink
Tail Color: pink
Symbol: a golden heart with golden wings
Other Info: no feathers around the hooves is neccesery.... don´t think newborn has that..... :p

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Proud Killjoy Pony
I would LOVE one of my newest persona Siren. I use this color chart for my color references.

Pony's Name: Siren
Body Color: Pale Gold like FFFF55
Eye Color: Purple like 661188
Mane Color: Lightish green 33EE66, Teal 00FF99, Darker Green 007700 and a streak of gold like FFDD11
Tail Color: Same as above
Symbol: This harp and Personas/clip_harp28.jpg in green and purple and an ocean wave
Other Info: Feel free to maybe tuck some seashells in her hair.

I would like her in the UNI-Rearing pose. Here's the one pic I have of her thus far.

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