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Allow Me to Introduce Myself


Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Feb 8, 2020
Hello! I figured before I got around to posting and Invading everyone's threads, I'd introduce myself.

I grew up during G3, but my Dad always brought home every My Little Pony VHS he could get his hands on, so I'm just as familiar with G1. (My favorites were 'Friends are Never Far Away' and 'Quest of the Princess Ponies.) I always had a few G3 ponies, but when G4 came out is when I really started collecting. Unfortunately, when I moved a couple of years ago, I decided to leave my collection behind, thinking I was finally done with Ponies. I suppose you can guess how much I regret that decision, based on the fact that I'm here. I can't even be mad, since it's my own fault. :cry:
I got into collecting G1 after finding a Baby Tiddly-Winks and Honeysuckle. I went onto Ponyland Press to figure out what I just found and was hooked forever. Most of my collection Is G1, but I love all generations equally, so it's mostly out of luck of what I found thrifting. I pick up G3s and G2s, (Though I haven't found any G2s yet.) when I see them. If I like the current G4 ponies, I pick them up too.
I also collect the G4 comics that come out every month, which I started only recently. I find that they're more enjoyable than the show. Over these last couple years I've been building my collection back up, but I've always felt something was missing, that I didn't really have anyone to share my love for collecting with. That's why I'm so happy to be here! :lolpony:
My favorite holiday is Halloween, my birthday is the 1st day of the month (Which I am irrationally proud of.), my favorite season is Winter, and my favorite ponies are any that are Tropical or Holiday themed. My greatest dream is to move far up North, and to see the Aurora Borealis.
So that's my collecting journey and a little about me. (I may have went a bit overboard.) I look forward to interacting with and getting to know you all!


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Oct 6, 2013
Welcome to the herd