Bee-chan's pony persona


Lil Bee
Might as well toss mine up here as well! ^_^

My pony persona is Abeille de Miel. Just like with my normal persona, and my mascot, Wee-Bee, she is part bee, but also part pony.

Body: white
Eyes: blue grey
Eyeshadow: soft purple / lilac
Hair: long and nearly straight, mix of brown and blonde. She tends to wear two strands of beads in her hair, which change from time to time
Body markings: Black tips on her ears, brown bee stripes on her back, legs and markings on her face that fade to a soft yellow, black non-fuzzy antennae, a set of simple generic wings that KIND of resemble dragonfly wings or fairy wings ( they can be drawn as actual bee wings, if an artist feels like doing it ^_^ ).
Jewelry: Can wear any kind of punk style jewelry the artist so chooses, BUT she MUST now have her small white gold hoops in the upper part of her ears, to represent helix cartilage piercings. For her "lobe" piercings, you can add any other kind of style white gold earrings, but they have to be white gold ( I can't wear anything but white gold in my ears now T^T ).

Every time I tend to change my jewelry ( as in the jewelry I'll keep on for a long time, like my helix white gold mini hoop piercings and necklaces and accessories ), I change hers, so her jewelry is constantly changing, with the exception of her helix white gold hoops piercings. Since I can't take mine out of my ears, hers stay as well. But my taste in jewelry and accessories tends to drift towards a punk style, so that is something to consider.

Old art of her: Bee's custom pony full colors by =bee-chan on deviantART

Custom based off of her, with updated jewelry and accessories.
Abeille de Miel customMLP by =bee-chan on deviantART

Abeille de Miel tends to play the big sister / best friend role a LOT ( same here ). If someone she loves is hurting, her mother hen switch goes on. She's stubborn as a bull and once she starts something, she's determined to finish it, no matter what it is. She's very curious, and is always interested in learning about how things work and how she can fix them herself ( like me, she LOVES the Science Channel, How Things Work, Bill Ny, Discover Channel, Mythbusters, basically anything related to science and mechanics. Yes, I can change a tire and oil on a car, re-tile a floor, etc. ).

For the most part, she doesn't care about fads, what's popular and whether something will make her look "cool" or not, and hates hate HATES lying, for any reason at all. She'd rather be bluntly honest with someone than lie to them.

And of course, she's an artist.

However, she's still just a tad shy around guys she likes, and tends to have a BAD habit of taking on WAY too much work at a time.

Have at it! ^___^

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