Cayenne Splash!


Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Jun 20, 2011

Cayenne is a ditzy pegasus pony. She's very uncoordinated on both land and in the air, but she loves to swim. She's exceptionally intelligent, but she doesn't apply herself to much of anything. She's very impetuous and silly, and she comes across as rather dumb as a result. She's kind, very kind, but she does have a short temper at times. She tries her best for her friends but she doesn't always handle things in the best possible way. She always has motherly advice and sometimes she tries too hard, which makes things awkward. Some of her solutions and advice are a bit eccentric. Most of the time, she wants nothing in return but a smile, but on occasion, if she feels she's not getting through to someone enough, she'll start to think she deserves SOMETHING for her effort. She tends to make a fool of herself at those times. She has poor luck, but she knows that there's always something good across the horizon, and that a happy pony is not the one who has the most, but the one who makes the most of what it has. Still, she is prone to bouts of extreme worry and paranoia, and this combined with her extreme sensitivity and sentimentality can make her hard to deal with at times.

All in all, she's basically me.

Her cutie mark was suggested to me by someone who'd apparently been reading my comments on dA. It's a peacock feather quill pen for the tendency to teach/mother others with creative and eccentric advice.

Her name is inspired by a couple suggestions in a contest I held after repeated failed attempts to decide on a name for her.

Cayenne is a hot chili pepper, chosen for her temper and her colour. Splash was chosen to mean the following: Spontaneous action, expression of silliness/playfulness or aggression/irritation.
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