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"Define" Nirvana/variant... Questions questions!


Apr 24, 2007
I have a question about the Fancy Pants Babies from Thailand, in the Arena Nirvana gallery it shows all Thailand ponies except the Fancy Pants Babies. Are these not considered Nirvanas?
PonyMommy, I'm sorry no one ever answered your question! All of the Fancy Pants babies sold in the US & Canada were made in Thailand, so those are the "normal" versions. My theory is that Hasbro used that set to try out a new factory. The Fancy Pants babies sold in Europe came out a full year after the US release, and those ponies were made in China (with some variations on hair color & paint colors on their diaper designs). Neither the Thai or China Fancy Pants babies are rare since both sets were released to a wide market.

There are a few Mountain Boys that have popped up marked "made in Thailand". Those are extremely rare with only 1 or 2 of each floating around the community. Since the regular release of Mountain Boys were made in Hong Kong, those Thai boys are the variants.