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I am not sure if this is the right forum for this, if not, please relocate. I have just gotten my main pony shelves from IKEA for my ponyroom and now I need help from all of you that Detolf and Billy Bookcases to display your collections. Specifically, what do you use as risers? I have used homemade foam board risers in the past but my husband really doesn’t want to make me anymore. I will be displaying all gens and playsets. How do you display your playsets with Billys? My Paradise Estate will be tricky because it’s not a huge room and houses a guest bed. May just need to put it on the bed. Also, I have lots of art but not a lot of wall space once the shelves are up. Photos would be greatly appreciated!


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I use Billy for books rather than ponies, but i suspect a simple cardboard box placed behind the first row of ponies would raise the next row to be visible. You can just reuse packaging or cut and fold out of larger pieces.
Another suggestion is to make foam risers yourself? Idk if you are physically able to, but I made my homestuck horns (pictured, far left) by sawing off large chunks of insulation foam, carving to shape, then painting and sealing to get rid of the dust. The insulation foam was already spare from DIY but it's super cheap for its size. It was not physically difficult to saw either, at least as easy as the softer woods.
Some of my ponies are on the top of one of my billys, because I also keep my homestuck horns there and they are a good 30+cm tall. However, my room is a lot more 3-dimensional due to being a tiny ex-walk-in-closet with a bunkbed with furniture underneath, so displaying above head height is not a problem. Photos show how it looks from "low" (my eye level when I am sitting at my desk), and then from "high" (my level when I am sitting up in bed).


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The best solution I've found is white cardboard baseball card storage boxes! (Say that 5 times fast... :lolpony: )

All the risers on this wall are made from 24" card storage boxes:



As you can see above, they give you a different height depending on which side they're laid on.

For the porcelains though, I shelled out for some acrylic risers:



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@nessa16 - I think a lot of people make their own risers out of thick cardstock or cardboard then just paste pretty paper, wallpaper or fabric to them to make the pretty. I’ve seen a lot of tutorials on YouTube on how to do it easily and made to fit the Billy bookcases. I’m in the process of making a pony/crafting/sewing room in my basement and I’m planning on using cardboard from Amazon deliveries to make risers. Ha ha!!!

@MustBeJewel - Your pony room always makes me so happy when you post pictures of it. <3


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I use a combination on plastic risers meant for cans in the kitchen (which you can find in department stores) and packaging from other toys (funko pops mainly). I also have a few larger metal risers from ikea to maximize space on shelves that house play sets.

@MustBeJewel, that idea of the card boxes is sheer genius!