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Here's for those who have cats as well. The most recent was from April but dog/cat food does take a while to sort out since it is mass produced. I'd very, very careful about what you buy since euthanizing drug were inside the food. Though they were is low amounts, they are still lethal drugs and should be taken very seriously. Please be careful everyone.

Found another one. This one is much more recent.
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I saw this about a month ago in my schipperke group. Everyone was so shocked that blue had a recall since they're normally a pretty high standard. I've always fed nutro. It's only had the one recall in 2009 and I've never had a pet that needed a special diet. No food allergies or whatnot. It's what my boy's breeder fed, too, so I just kept him on it. It has dropped quite a bit in ratings lately. I just make sure I know my dog and keep up on all his vet expenses so that we can catch anything early. It also helps to know the breed and any common problems they may have.