Easter Swap 2020 Wish Lists


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Dec 26, 2015
I'll get this started!

A little about what we like about Easter and spring. We love the flowers! Bright, beautiful, fragrant, and oh so hopeful. The light rain and the smell outside afterwards. We love to open the curtains and let all the sunshine stream in. We aren't really celebrating Easter as in the Easter bunny and egg hunts this year. We both love candy, though, so much. (Nom, nom, nom) We don't have any bunny or chick pins, magnets, keychains, or boxes yet. My girl was due on Easter (though she was two weeks late!) She's had her birthday on Easter 3 times! We always bake and decorate cookies. We love Cadbury chocolate mini eggs, cream eggs, cotton candy, and Easter always has excellent candies.

My most desired pony right now is mo sparkle pony twinkler. My grail would be a custom purple rapunzel.
A little about condition. I like pretty ponies. Haircuts, cancer, chewing marks, marker except on bottoms of hooves, major symbol rubs, pin dot, missing eye gems, and head/body mismatch aren't my cup of tea. A little frizz, dirt, scuffs, and light rubs are ok. Also marker on the bottom of the hooves. They just show the pony was well loved.
I Love g1's first and foremost. I like purple, green, pink, sparkles, long hair and bright vivid color combinations. We do have some mib/moc g3 and g4. The g4 are mainly my daughter's, though she always lets me play with them.

I love purple customs and the HQG1C ponies.

FF blossom
CF blossom
MO blossom
25th anniversary blossom
Dollymix blossom
Rainbow curl ponies (all four)
Ember with star
Princess misty
High flyer
Twinkler (sparkle pony)
Baby rainribbon
BNG ringlets
TE skyrocket
TE whizzer (both colors)
MO spike the dragon
SS twist
Love melody
Love story
Baby hopscotch *major want
Baby alphabet
Blossom (2 variants)
Baby blossom
*Babies only
Baby Petal
Baby Tickleheart
Baby Dew
Baby Fern
Baby twinkles
Baby Fleur
Baby flitter
Baby Glitter
Baby nid
Baby sunbeam
Super long hair
Mib dream blue
Mib rarity
Mib precious gem
Mib aloha pearl
Mib daffidaizy
Mib Lily lightly
Mib petal blossom
Mib royal beauty
Mib wing song
Mib silver lining
Mib rainbow flash
Mib Petite petunia
Any junko mizuno, Comic-Con, or art g3 ponies, mib or loose
G4 brushable
Dewdrop dazzle
Daisy dreams (no wings)
Sweetie swirl
Mrs. Dazzle cake
Octavia melody
Ploomette (non glimmer wings release)
Skywishes (not cmm release)
Starbeam twinkle
Holly dash
Diamond dazzle tiara
Flurry heart
Chinese New year pinkie pie

Other information on our desired non-pony items
-Monster high season two minis
Fruit ghouls: draculaura
Sporty: Draculaura
Small decorative, boxes, horse/carousel/pony figurines, bowls, buttons, old glass bottles without labels, keychain, and anything schipperke related. My daughter is collecting with me and she likes, eevee the pokemon, erasers, colored pencils, emojis, semi-precious stones, and puppies, puppies, puppies. Oh, and socks!
-Our favourite colors
Purple, purple, purple, dark green, butter yellow (think pansies). My daughter loves pink (hot or magenta), black, violet, red, and sparkle
-Scents I do like
Lilac, almond, honey, light vanilla, gardenia, peony, sweet elisia, and honeysuckle. Any of them too strong or with a chemical background are a no.
-I always can use
Key chains, magnets, notebooks, stickers, national monument posters or other art (I like key chains and magnets of local landmarks, too), gel pens, adult coloring books, decorative pins.
Plastics (prolonged exposure), lotions, scents with any chemical, oils, perfumes, and most jewelry.
The only goodies I don't like are sour, black licorice, anything coffee even a tiny bit, and cilantro. My new diet means no nuts, peanuts, caramel, or toffee.
*I don't use
Perfumes, lotions, lip gloss, make-up of any sort, jewelry (except pins which I collect, but don't wear).

My full wishlist is in my signature.
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Aug 5, 2019
Easter Swap Wishlist

I love Spring. The warm weather, the rain, the smell of Earth after the rain, the flowers coming up to bloom (but I can’t garden to save my life), I love the pretty pastel colors of Easter and soft, fuzzy things! I don’t have any kids or significant other, just me and three beautiful spoiled rotten kitties.

I am solely a G1 Collector and honestly, I probably don’t even deserve a capital ‘C’. Haircuts, scuffs, and frizz don’t bother me too much as long as they don’t affect the overall display. In fact, one of my faves, Fizzy, had her mane cut before she came to me and it’s the most adorable little bob! I really like the Sparkle ponies, the Windy/Summer Wing ponies, and the Twinkle-Eyed ponies, and big Brother ponies are always nice! I also recently stumbled across the HQG1C recently and fell hard! I bought Delphina (dolphins) off eBay and would love to add more to my herd!


  • TE Whizzer
  • SS Twilight
  • Napper (sparkle pony)
  • Moon Jumper (Windy Wing)
  • Baby Bright Bouquet (I just bought Mommy and Daddy the other day)
  • SS Twist (flocked or deflocked)
  • Gypsy
  • Bowtie in collector’s pose
  • Wigwam
  • Chief
  • Steamer
  • Baby Northstar (sparkle pony)
  • Starglow
  • Dazzleglow
  • Skydancer
  • High Flyer
  • TE Gingerbread
  • TE Sweet Stuff
  • TE Sky Rocket
  • TE Sweet Pop
  • TE Bright Glow
  • TE Tic Tac Toe
  • Shady (NSS or rough SS so I can deflock her!)

  • Pepperjack
  • Baby Lucky Star
  • Baby Glitter Wishes
  • Celebration
  • Genie
  • Pretty much all of them to be honest!
Other things I like:

Harry Potter, I collect prop replicas, wands, pins, prints, potion bottles, you name it; I’ve decorated my house with it! My Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw.

Candy and snacks, I’m always looking for something new and adventurous to try (but no bugs! Lol) I’m lucky and have no allergies but I’m not crazy about marshmallow or seafood. I also love tea and cocoa.

I love animals, especially horses, cats, and dogs but only own serve 3 kitties. I also enjoy reading so if you’re struggling to find something, send me your favorite book!

Favorite color – purple although I’m partial to rainbow anything.

Favorite scents – fruity or nature inspired scents, not fond of Apple Cinnamon or overly strong floral scents

Hope that helps, and happy hunting!
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Oct 18, 2017
You can view my wish list here.

Acceptable Flaws: Anything that is easily fixable (for G1). G4 I prefer mib or in euc.

Unacceptable Flaws: Please no drastic hair cuts, cancer, non-fixable marks (marker/highlighter/etc), no chew/bites/holes/missing appendages, no weird smells (smoke/mold/cat pee)... basically if it’s not an “easy fix” to display I’d say pass on it.

Food Things: I love chocolate, specifically milk and white. I also enjoy gummies and Oreos (anything with Oreo in it) of all flavours. I have no food allergies so no troubles there. I love a yummy nutty or fruit tea this time of year.
I do not like mint flavoured chocolates/candies, cream eggs, black licorice.

Easter likes: I like fun cute things. Stuff like cute dog (Pug or Shih Tzu is a plus) themed stuff always catches my eye. Easter themed socks (I prefer thin ankle over thick and long) are always good. I love home made things too! I’m always amazed at how crafty and talented people are here.

Other Interests: I also am a Disney lover of all sorts, but I love Stitch. I love anything Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts! Anything Steven Universe would be fun (I love Steven, Amethyst & Peridot aka The Shorty Squad). I also collect Lady Lovely Locks and as this is a newer rebuild of my collection there’s a lot I need. I also love Shih Tzu or Pug related things. Stationary things like notes books, pens, stickers, things I can use at work. Crafty things I can use for pony fixing like new hair, acrylic paints, extra fine glitter, tinsel are all great things. Ummm basically I’m a bit of a nerd for all things animation and cute. Obviously I love any MLP merch. :p If you need more ideas I have a working Amazon list here.

My favourite ponies: Shady (G1), Lickety Split (G1), Surprise (G1), Wind Whistler (G1), Pinkie Pie (G4), Fluttershy (G4), Starlight Glimmer (G4), Sunburst (G1&4) & Spike is the best!!

Favourite Colours: Teal & Pink

Okay! I think that covers everything. Please let me know if I’ve missed anything. I cheated and just copy and pasted from the last swap. :)


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Jan 23, 2020
First of all, thank you for letting me join! I'm excited!

I live alone with no kids or significant other, and I haven't really celebrated Easter since I was a kid, but I love spring! I love the mild sunny weather and watching the flowers bloom, and seeing baby animals like ducklings around.

I have recently started watching "Friendship is Magic" and I think it's a cute show, but I only collect G1. I'm a pretty new collector and I don't have a lot, so if you can find them in the price range, I would prefer two lower priced ponies over one more expensive one! Some of my main wants at the moment are Bubbles, Sugarberry, Up Up And Away, Sea Breeze, and the plush ponies. But I'd be very happy with any of the following!
  • Sitting ponies: Bubbles, Seashell
  • Tropical ponies: Sea Breeze, Hula Hula
  • Merry Go Round pony Sparkler
  • Baby sparkle ponies: Baby North Star, Baby Firefly
  • Twice As Fancy ponies: Sugarberry, Up Up And Away, Scoops, Sweet Tooth, Dancing Butterflies, Love Melody
  • Sweetberry ponies: Cranberry Muffins, Cherry Treats, Strawberry Surprise
  • Sunshine pony Seaflower
  • Teeny Tiny babies: Any except Little Giggles, who I have
  • Any of the G1 plush ponies! (I like the ones with the mouths closed. The open-mouthed ones look weird to me lol)
In terms of condition, I don't mind minor flaws that can be touched up (i.e. a bit of hair frizz or symbol rub), but please nothing major like haircuts or cancer. I actually love "rescuing" damaged ponies to fix up, but I have enough project ponies for now!

I also would love to receive any sort of G1 pony-themed merchandise. It doesn't actually have to be authentic vintage; just anything in that style. I'd love some cute pony stuff to decorate my department/display area! Things like coffee mugs, pencil cases, tote bags, etc.

As for non-pony things, I love dark chocolate (no milk or white chocolate please), coffee, and tea! I don't have any allergies, but I don't care for anything too sweet. Any kind of snack is good as long as it's not super sugary. I tend to go for things like nuts and natural fruit snacks.

Some scents I like are coconut, fruity smells, pine, sweet pea, rose, and lavender. I love candles! I use them all the time.

I'm very artsy/crafty, so I would love any kind of art or craft supplies as well. Or cute stationery like pens, notebooks, etc. I also enjoy cooking and baking!

I hope that's helpful! If you need more information, just let me know. I'm looking forward to this!
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Jun 17, 2015
Ahhh I've always wanted to participate in a Trading Post swap!

My family and I are Christians, so while I haven't celebrated Easter in terms of the Easter bunny-type things since my sister and I were kids, it's still a very exciting time for us. We do get Cadbury eggs and occasionally dye actual eggs for fun, and with 12 chickens, we have a whole lot of eggs to dye! One of the things I look forward to in spring is driving past this nearby farm. They have an adorable breeding pair of horses. These are the most gentle and relaxed pair I've ever seen, they just leave the stallion out with the mare and there are never any problems. Shiny coats, good weight, green pasture, everyone is obviously very happy, etc. Come spring there's always an adorable new little foal out with the pair! <3

In addition to that, I adore spring for when the clover blossoms start to bloom. They not only taste delicious, but are also a wonderful place to take a nap, so sweet-smelling! We always have thick patches of large clovers. And generally in early spring it's still too cool for insects, so you can lay out fully in the grass and daydream away without there being any creepy crawlies on you!

Now, onto the wishlist <3


I'm not exactly organized as a collector, haha! From Gens 1 through 3 I will pretty much collect anything I don't already have. My lifelong pony goal is to collect all the boy ponies I can. I also love boy pony customs. I prefer loose ponies if possible!
  • G1: Any of the Big Brothers I don't have (Tex, Slugger, Salty, 4-Speed, Quarterback) any Baby Brothers I don't have (I only have Whirly Twirl atm), Lucky the Stallion, Daddy Apple Delight, Daddy Sweet Celebrations, Beach Ball, Firefly, Twilight, Tootsie, Twist, Galaxy, Gingerbread, Party Time, Baby Frosting, Pillow Talk, Napper, Tic Tac Toe, Merriweather, Noodles, Cherry Treats (I would love a discolored version, I prefer the discolored to pure white!), Tap Dancer, any of the Fancy Pants babies but especially Baby Dots 'n Hearts and Baby Glider.
  • G2: Petal Blossom, Skyskimmer, Cupcake, Sugar Belle. I would also love any of Clever Clover's accessories, as I adore them but don't have them currently!
  • G3: Bubblecup, Autumn Skye, Pretty Pop, Alphabittle, Sparklesnap, Candy Apple, Apple Spice, Coconut Cream, Desert Rose, Denim Blue, Star Catcher, Cupcake, Toola Roola (first version, not the core 7 version), Tira-Mi-Su, Mochanut, Chocolate Delight, Abra-ca-Dabra, Lavender Locket, Lavender Lake, Boogie Woogie, Sweetsong (any version)
  • G4: Sandbar (any version), Big Mac (brushable), Minty (reboot or regular), Muffins (any brushable/plush version), Princess Luna (Rainbow Road Trip FS version) , Tempest Shadow (brushable), Hoity Toity (blindbag), Levon Song (blindbag)
(I also love any and all pony merch, and any pony plushies from G1 to G3! I especially adore the little yarn-haired G3 plushies, they're adorable! Ponyville ponies are amazing too, I adore how small they are!)

Non-pony Things:
  • Pastel-colored cute things and knick-knacks! I love soft fluffy things too.
  • I love small squishable plushies, the size that can fit in your hand; I carry them around with me to help with my fingers when they cramp up.
  • Much of my room is unicorn-and-pegasus themed so anything with magical equines is most welcome.
  • I love notebooks and I could always use art supplies like pencils, erasers, etc!
  • For snacks/sweets...I have no preference haha! I have a serious sweet tooth and I love most sweet things. About the only things I don't like are black liquorice and cinnamon/spicy-flavored candies. I also do love coffee and tea!
  • I'm also a huge video game and D&D fan, so anything geeky is awesome!
  • I don't generally wear makeup or use perfume, and I don't have pierced ears, but I do love necklaces! I like both chokers and regular necklaces.
  • I adore crafty/homemade things, even something as simple as a card.
Acceptable Flaws: I am not a picky collector at all. I am just as happy to receive flawed ponies as I am perfect ponies, and in fact I find certain flaws to be quite charming! I don't mind regrind (actually I find regrind super fascinating), or small nicks or scratches or chew marks. Stains on the bottom of the hooves don't bother me, and I'm fine with small stains on the body. I also don't mind rehairs or ponies that have had restoration done!

Unacceptable Flaws: I suppose the only unacceptable flaws to me would be pen/marker/highlighter stains across the entirety of the body (I'm not good enough at restoring to tackle that!) and gross smells (smoke, pee, etc). I would also prefer no haircuts, but if it's a nice, neat haircut and there's still enough hair left to call it a mane or tail and brush/style it, I won't mind much!

Allergies: None, although I am extremely sensitive to perfumes/strongly-scented things (I have hyperosmia).

Favorite Colors: Pink, warm gray, mint green, and purple!

(I hope that's all okay! Please let me know if I need to include anything else!)


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Jan 18, 2006
General pony wishlist with flaws etc here: http://www.mlptp.net/index.php?threads/tsukis-wish-list-in-progress.72081/

I love spring! Though it tends to arrive a little later up here in NY. >_<
I love the new life; flowers, budding trees, baby critters; I live out in the woods and get to experience it all! I love ducks; walking through Tractor Supply in the spring is torture; but I like watching the babies even though I can't bring any more home. I like finding new plants for my garden, and digging my hands in the dirt.

I'm not religious, so Easter was never a huge deal for me. We colored eggs & ate lots of candy as kids. Fav Easter candies: jelly beans, Cadbury Carmel eggs, anything chocolate really. :D I don't have any allergies. I also love homemade treats if my partner was so inciled.
I decorate a little bit; but my tastes run more towards natural spring time things than Easter bunnies. I do like realistic rabbits.
I am owned by 1 dog, 2 cats, 2 ducks & a goose. They like treats too if you're having trouble finding extras. I am not big on scented things; candles lotions etc. Some of those thing will trigger my migraines so I gotta be careful. I also like custom ponies that fit the swap theme; I miss doing custom swaps and haven't really added to my custom collection recently.

My birthday is on March 17th (St. Patrick's Day), so I love all things green & Irish! Not to steal Easter's thunder or anything. Any questions don't be afraid to have Tak send me a message. I'm sure I've forgotten something


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Dec 26, 2015
General pony wishlist with flaws etc here: http://www.mlptp.net/index.php?threads/tsukis-wish-list-in-progress.72081/

I love spring! Though it tends to arrive a little later up here in NY. >_<
I love the new life; flowers, budding trees, baby critters; I live out in the woods and get to experience it all! I love ducks; walking through Tractor Supply in the spring is torture; but I like watching the babies even though I can't bring any more home. I like finding new plants for my garden, and digging my hands in the dirt.

I'm not religious, so Easter was never a huge deal for me. We colored eggs & ate lots of candy as kids. Fav Easter candies: jelly beans, Cadbury Carmel eggs, anything chocolate really. :D I don't have any allergies. I also love homemade treats if my partner was so inciled.
I decorate a little bit; but my tastes run more towards natural spring time things than Easter bunnies. I do like realistic rabbits.
I am owned by 1 dog, 2 cats, 2 ducks & a goose. They like treats too if you're having trouble finding extras. I am not big on scented things; candles lotions etc. Some of those thing will trigger my migraines so I gotta be careful. I also like custom ponies that fit the swap theme; I miss doing custom swaps and haven't really added to my custom collection recently.

My birthday is on March 17th (St. Patrick's Day), so I love all things green & Irish! Not to steal Easter's thunder or anything. Any questions don't be afraid to have Tak send me a message. I'm sure I've forgotten something
Your birthday is really st Patrick's day?! That's so cool! I'm a good half Irish and with emerald as my birthstone, I love green and st Patrick's day, too. :) Here's my lucky charm.


Winged Mirage

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Mar 18, 2018
Copying my wishlist from my wishlist post:

Hi! I mostly collect G1, G2, and G3. I’m not too picky about the condition: as long as they don’t have haircuts, cancer, major rubs or chew marks I’m good. I also like stuff out of box, so there’s not much point buying unopened stuff for me. I want to display my ponies, and I don’t want to mess up new packaging because I know how much that affects something’s value later.

In a similar line, I don’t care about the clothes or other accessories. I just want the ponies.

Non-BBE Baby Heartthrob (main want)
Baby Rainribbon
Baby AppleJack
Princess Royal Purple or Pink
Baby Moondancer
Valentine’s Day Babies
Yum Yum (Twice as Fancy)
Pina Colada
Dancing Butterflies
Baby Dancing Butterflies
Baby Flicker
Baby Luckyleaf
Baby Tic-Tac-Toe
Morning Glory (Year 9)
Pretty Vision
Princess Moondust
Princess Starburst
Baby Paws
Cranberry Muffins
Mint Dreams
Star Glow
Sweet Tooth
Baby Sweet Tooth
Blueberry Baskets
Bright Eyes
Color Mist
Lucky the Stallion
Sugar Apple
Wind Walker
Wind sweeper
Love Petal (main want)

Other: anything Hearthrob-related really


Miss Chef
Princess Crystal
Globe Trotter
Golden Glow
Silver Glow
Copper Glow
Lady Waterfall
Miss Painter
Prince Blue Dream
Night Star
Prince Firefly
Diamond Glow
Diamond Glow (magic)
Princess Silver Swirl
Star Swirl (Magic)
Tender heart
Glittery Study
Hip Hop (Miss Gadget)

I’m not interested in variations of the ponies I already have, unless they look significantly different.

Other: any G2 merchandise really.

Out of box Comi Con ponies, particularly the Egyptian one. (I have the Superhero and Underwater Art pony already)
Henna Makeup-style Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Sweetie Belle, and Toola Roola
Henna ponies (McDonald’s)
Always & Forever
Cloud Climber
Fairy Dust
Finger Paints
Royal Twist
Snow’el 2
Amazing Grace
Flower Garland
Kimono 2
Princess Peppermint
Rarity (any version)
Secret Wish
Serendipity (diva pose)
Sunrise Song
Sweet berry
Sparkleworks 2
Tangerine Twinkle
Anchors Away
Merriweather 1
Pretty Pop
Summer Bloom
December Poinsetta
Minty 7 (2008 Winter)
Aurora Mist
Marshmallow Coco
Silver Glow
Tropical Surprise 1
Chocolate Chipper
December Delight
Fizzy Pop
Round n Round
Royal Rose
Star Dasher
Star Shimmer
Tink-a-tink-a-too 2
Twilight Twinkle
Twinkle Hope
Velvet Bow

Other: nothing comes to mind really

Everything else:

I don’t want food. I’m diabetic so there are only certain things I can eat. Save all that good stuff for yourselves :p

Easter-wise, I like cute bunnies and colorful eggs :)

I love plushies. Just any kind of plushie. If it’s from Pokémon or Sonic, even better :D. Halloween themed plushies are also welcome!

I like body washes from Bath and Body Works. Some of my favorites are Dark Kiss, Sweet Pea, and Cucumber Melon. If you can’t find those, anything sweet-smelling and fruity will do lol. I’m well stocked on body sprays and don’t need anymore atm lol.

Stickers and small notepads are always fun, with cute or pretty things like animals and flowers. And I always need pens (though I prefer pens that write in thicker, bolder lines so it’s easier for me to see, like Papermate Profile 1.4B).

I also like books! Particularly fantasy, sci-fi, mystery/thriller, myths, philosophy, and horror books. These can be new or used, as long as it’s not unreadable or falling apart I’m good :)

If you have any questions, just ask!


Festive FelizNavidad Pony
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Jan 3, 2006

I'm not too picky, no major hair cuts, or really bad marks, no chewed on or missing limbs LOL! But little flaws or marks and such don't bother me. I only have international and some harder to find ponies left on my wishlist so I am TOTALLY fine with just getting accessories instead of a pony! My list of non-pony things is very long and I'm happy to whittle it down!

I like cooking/baking and decorating for the holidays. I love Snoopy/Peanuts, Eeyore, Garfield and I also collect Charming Tails. I also like mice but not Mickey, nothing against good 'ol Mickey but I just like cute mice stuff. I like fun socks and jewelry, particularly earrings. My favorite colors are greens and purples. We keep it low key on Easter, I do decorate the house a little and cook a nice Easter dinner. Some family will come over and then we'll watch movies but that's about it.

None! I am trying to diet though, so go easy on the treats for me. I know that's hard for Easter! My favs are chocolate, peanut butter and toffee. If you're international, I do love trying new things from different countries. Starbar is a favorite foreign candy bar :)
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Princess Rinse 'N Spit
Jul 4, 2019
Hi all!
I am not okay with haircuts, head/body mismatch, or major pen/highlighter marks, or frizzy hair.
I am okay with small pen marks under hooves and out of sight like an initial.
I would really prefer to get some of these with accessories like the Easter themed ones!
I would love any of these NIB as well!
So here goes my wishlist! (Drumroll)
lolligiggle w/bunny outfit
Yesterdaisy w/hat
Darling Dahlia
June Rose
February Violet
July larkspur
Fancy Flora
Sunshine Blossom
Blue Mist w/ pink hair
Morning dawn delight w/accessories
Star Swirl rain or shine set
Toodleloo w/ accessories
Flower Wishes w/ accessories
Strawberry Surprise w/ ice cream (scented)
Apple Spice ( scented)
Citrus Sweetheart (scented)
Soda Pop w/ soda accessory (scented)
Bashful Bonnet w/ hat
skedoodle w/ bunny outfit

Fun Extras
I do not have any food allergies.
I love any kind of chocolate, dark or milk. I also like fruit flavored candy like jolly ranchers, etc.
Stickers & other office supplies, pastel colored notebooks, pony or Easter themed are welcome as well. So, I guess whatever you think is fun easter/ spring stuff! Floral scents are also fun!
Thank you! I am so exited to be a part of this swap!
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Jan 23, 2020
I hope it's okay that I keep editing my list, lol... Everyone else seemed to have more detailed lists, so I tried to add more to mine. It's also hard to decide which ponies I want the most! Of course I will stop editing once partners are assigned.


Twinkles the Cat
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Aug 16, 2014
Wish List:

~ G1 Ponies:

Flat foot Minty

Flat foot Snuzzle

So soft Ribbon

So soft Skippety Doo

So soft Taffy

TWE Sweet Pop





Confetti (US version)


Dainty Dahlia

Daisy sweet

Sea Flower

~ G1 Birth flower ponies:

January Carnation

February Violet

July Water Lily

September Morning Glory

October Cosmos

November Chrysanthemum

~Stranger things Applejack

Pony Condition Preferences: I prefer ponies without cancer, major pen marks and major hair cuts. I hate regrind but a little is acceptable for harder to find ponies! I don't mind some imperfections as long as the symbol and eyes are good, small rubs are ok. Small hair trims and marks to bottom of feet are ok too
Extra info:

My favourite colours are pink and blue.
My favourite scents are fall and winter scents such as cinnamon, spice, cranberry. I like liquid soaps, shower gels, body lotion

I like any MLP G1 retro Merchandise and I also have a Lickety Split army and love all things ice cream themed

I am also a big fan of Peanuts ~ Snoopy in particular. I also love disney stuff. Favourite characters are Winnie the Pooh, Mickey and Minnie, Aristocats, Alice in Wonderland. I like stickers, stationary items such as pens, pencils, notepads, post its or fridge magnets, shopping bags. I love lip balms and I like homemade items and art.
Favourite animals: cats, owls and rabbits.

I am not particularly religious but we do celebrate Easter. I like cutie Easter things such as Easter bunnies, chicks, cute Easter eggs. I have a year old son so any Easter craft supplies or kits, decorations would be welcomed

I like milk chocolate, white chocolate, marshmallow and gummy sweets and laffy taffy. I would like to receive some Easter themed sweet treats local to you.

I also like savoury snacks especially cheese crunchy Cheetos

I like drinking coffee and hot cocoa especially topped with marshmallows!

Things to avoid: I am not so keen on floral scents

Anything flavoured Tea, coconut, marzipan, Turkish delight, peanut butter

I don't have any allergies


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Sep 24, 2012
EASTER STUFF: Candy-wise, I love chocolate, particularly milk chocolate. I also love Cadbury's creme eggs. I like sugar candy, too. :3 I have no allergies. I don't like nuts in my chocolate, nor peanut butter. I'm not fond of licorice, either. Other Easter-themed stuff: I love adorable little bunnies. They're soft and fluffy and adorable! :3 Easter ducklings are cute, too. I like cute stuff in general. I enjoy crafting, so any sort of craft-y or art-y type stuff would be welcomed! Favourite colours are blue and red.

FANDOM STUFF: I love Disney, especially the Disney ducks (Donald, Scrooge, Ducktales & Darkwing Duck). I also like One Piece (Sanji + Zoro faves), Transformers G1 (Autobots forever!), Zelda series, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Final Fantasies 6 & 7, Chrono Trigger... stop me or else I'll go on forever. XD I collect pins, mostly Disney & Olympic pins (but really anything goes!). I also like fandom embroidered patches (iron-on or sew-on -- I put them on my luggage!)

PONY STUFF: I'm looking for them to be in generally "good" condition, not too many flaws (or at least noticeable flaws). I know that gets harder as the ponies get older.
Acceptable flaws:Not acceptable flaws:
light wearpen, sharpie, or highlighter marks on head/body
surface dirthair cuts
writing on hoovesbite marks/holes
slightly rusty OK; I can cleansmooze//mold//cancer
messy/kinda frizzy hair I can work with, toomajor paint rubs
(cigarette/cigar) smoke

WISHLISTS: Please check out my complete pony wishlist, here. Since this is my complete wish list, there WILL be ponies on there that are above the price limit of the swap. Please ignore these ones. As you can see my wishlists for G1 + G3 are getting very small, so I understand that it'll be hard to find ones that fit under the price limits. :(

If things are hard to find, and/or too expensive, any of the boxed Basic Fun 30th anniversary retro ponies would be nice. :) I have the original 6 collector's pose ponies... but any of the others would be welcome. Another option could be the MLP Funko POPs, vinyl figures, blind bags, or blind box figurines. I don't really have any of those, so anything should be good. No particular preference.

CJ Thimble Bright

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Apr 9, 2010
Any ponies listed that are above the spending limit - my apologies. I'm not completely current on pricing.

I really would love to get closer to finishing my "softies" collection (plush ponies)
Firefly (closed mouth)
Moondancer (open mouth)
Baby Lofty
Surprise (mommy, I have baby)
Parasol (closed mouth)
Starshine (open mouth)
ALL Applause style plushes (I don't have any)

G1 Ponies:

I've been after for a long while
Collector Pose Bowtie
Baby Sunribbon

Precious Pocket Ponies
Li'l Pocket
Sweet Pocket

SS Ponies
Heart Throb
Skippety-Doo (upgrade)
Shady (upgrade)
Hippity Hop (upgrade)

Newborn Twins
Speckles & Bunkie

Brush 'n Grow Ponies
Twisty Tail
Curly Locks

Candy Cane Ponies
Mint Dreams

Windy Wing Ponies
Starry Wings

Baby Ponies and Pretty Pals
Baby Fleecy & Wooley the Lamb
Baby Lucky Leaf & Leafy the Calf
Baby Pockets & Hoppy the Kangaroo
Baby Stripes & Nectar the Panda

Baby Pearlized Ponies
Baby Blossom
Baby Cotton Candy
Baby Firefly
Baby Glory
Baby Surprise

Playtime Baby Brothers
Baby Drummer
Baby Leaper
Baby Waddles

Basic Fun MIB

G1 Accessories I'm after:

- Rock-a-Bye Bed playset
- 1985 Baby Pony Collector's Case
- 1985 Dream Castle Collector's Case
- white duck from Scrub-a-Dub Tub

  • pink glittery wand for Princess Starburst
  • purple glittery wand for Princess Primrose
  • light pink damsel hat for Princess Primrose
  • lavender glittery wand for Princess Serena
  • aqua damsel hat for Princess Serena
  • aqua glittery wand for Princess Sparkle
  • pink damsel hat for Princess Sparkle
  • Steamer's hat and scarf
  • Slugger's scarf
  • Quarterback's scarf
  • Barnacle's hat and scarf
  • Chief's hat and scarf
  • Wig Wam's hat and scarf

I also LOVE G1 Merchandise of all kinds!

G1 Moondancer and Baby Moondancer are my army ponies. So additional versions of her (real, or custom made, or artwork, or...?), and merchandise displaying Moondancer are well loved in this house.

Pony Condition: I'm not a super picky collector, but everyone wants the nicest ponies possible, right? I realize some of these ponies are getting more and more difficult to find in mint condition, so small marks don't bother me. Please no haircuts, gouges/chew marks, or major markers, mold, degradation of plastic, mold. Small scuffs and rubs would be okay.

Extras and Interests: I am really very minimalist when it comes to extras - I am trying to keep clutter in my house down, as I anticipate another big move before the end of the year. So decorations and knick-knacks aren't really wanted at the moment. I would be completely fine with my partner spending the price limit on just a pony or two and not including any extras. But if you really want to send extras... I love things that are useful! I craft and am seriously into paper-crafting right now. Small packs of cardstock, or even a few pages of 12x12 cardstock, stickers, bits of ribbon, ink pads for stamps, do-dads to attach to cards... those would be used up and appreciated! Think card-making more than anything. I also love to sew! Cute cotton print fabrics (just 1/3-1/2 yard, or fat quarters are amounts that I can use), buttons, thread, sewing patterns, sewing books, pretty ribbon, even a pack of universal sewing needles (70/10 and 80/12 are my most common) would be super awesome! I make everything from clothing, to an occasional plushie, to quilts (I'm a beginner there), to accessories, to classical tutus and dance costumes! I even make headpieces and crowns for shows, so sparkly beads or gems are awesome too! (Currently working on an Alice in Wonderland Ballet!) I frequent Hobby Lobby and Joann Fabrics.

Food: no allergies but am currently eating VERY low carb. So snacks would not be great at the moment. (I'm down 6.5 pounds so far!) I do LOVE coffee though and love to try new kinds! And fun flavored teas are appreciated too! I like to use teas to curb my sweet cravings. Edit to add: I can use both ground and whole bean coffee. Please no k-cups.

Other things: We do have 2 cats who have way too many toys that they mostly ignore, but always love new treats. We also have 2 green cheek conures who tend to turn their beaks up to purchased bird treats, but do enjoy new toys to destroy. (Notice how the birds and cats are opposite...? Figures.)

That is probably way more info than my partner needs - I tend to do that. But please let me know if you have questions! (If my partner is outside the US/Canada, you can follow the link to my full wishlist in my sig and find what international ponies I already have.)
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Apr 3, 2013
Here it is!:
Star Dancer (army pony- any condition accepted)
Spike (army)
Sunbeam (Sundazzle)
Secret Star
Baby Sunribbon
Baby Rainribbon
Daisy Dancer
Baby Dots N Hearts
Sweet Stuff
Curly Locks
Swirly Whirly
Silky Slipper
Posey Rose
Fancy Flower
FF Blossom
Lickety Split (w/pink hair)
Posey (w/pink hair)
Baby Blossom

Ribbons (all the ribbons!)
Pink/Purple stroller
Molly’s white shoes
Wand for Serena
Blue, Purple, and green squirrel clip
Pink shoes for Megan
Yellow spoon for Splashes and Starburst
Pink bottle for DNW Cuddles
Purple/green diaper for DNW babies
Pink/yellow sandbox

Ponies are all upgades so Mint/NM condition please—unless sending as a rehair candidate! Tiny marks, eye scratches, marks under feet are fine. Please no gauges, missing pieces, regrind, ingrained dirt, etc.

Star Dancer is my main army pony and I love her in any form. I also have an army of spikes and the teeny tiny babies.

Extras: I love Reese’s peanut butter cups and Nutrageous (without the reeses pieces). I also love Milky Way Carmel. Nothing with dried fruit or dark chocolate in it please. I have a herd of animals (cats, a dog, chinchillas, and fish) and they all love snacks. For Easter I like little cutsey stuff- cute bunnies, kittens, ducks. I love lip balm (but please see note below). I love random unicorns and narwhals are my newest love. I also like how to train your dragon (but have all of the minis already).

Favorite colors are pink and blue.

IMPORTANT: Do not send anything with red dye or with any scent. No lotions, candles, etc. Unfortunately both cause me to have migraines. Please don't send any Easter grass either as it can be hazardous to cats.

I have collections of Care bears, mini hatchimal blind bags, and a ton of other stuff. I collect all generations of ponies.

Hopefully that answers everything. If not, please let me know.


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Jan 20, 2018
It's so nice to have something to look forward to. I love these swaps.

Pony Condition: I'm not a super picky collector and I'm able to do some restorations. For rare ponies, I'd be fine with all kinds of faults, but for regular ponies please no head/body mismatch, major marks, regrind, cancer, major hair cuts or missing parts.

Edibles: I don't eat most common Easter treats. Please no chocolate or those gross egg things. I don't like super rich, sweet treats and I'm not a big fan of chocolate. What I do love is soft red licorice, and wine gums are my kryptonite. I also love herbal and rooibus teas.

Extras: I'm planning on moving soon and I've been trying to declutter and downsize. I'd be happy with just ponies or pony related items. I like fancy soaps, lip balms and consumable items. I love greeting cards and I keep every card I'm given.

G1 Ponies still needed

Year 3

Seabreeze and shell
High Tide and shell
White Cap’s shell or repro
Wave Jumper and shell
Sea Mist and shell
Sand Dollar’s shell or repro
Sea Star
Sea Shimmer (pearly)

Year 4
Tiny Bubbles
Snowball puppy
All 6 McDonald’s Collector charms

Year 5
Cheery (pink)
Wavy and float
SS Crumpet
Night Cap
Sleepy head
Sweet Dreams

Year 6
Coco Berry
All mommy charms
Princess Sunbeam
Newborn twins speckles,
Tall Tales
Watercolour sea pony Wave Dancer and float
Raspberry Jam
Cha Cha
Cat nip

Year 7
TAF Megan
Tap Dancer
Sparkle pony Twinkler
Baby Lucky Leaf
Baby Leafy
Baby Pockets
Baby Hoppy

Year 8
Drink and wet Snookums

Year 9
Secret Surprise Secret Star
Secret Beauty
Teeny Tiny Little tabby
Pink Princess pony

Year 10
Colourswirl Lovebeam
Sniffles (Teeny Tiny Twin NOT the newborn one)
Snookums (Teeny Tiny Twin NOT the newborn one)
Purple sweet talkin
Flower Fantasy sweet blossom
Fancy mermaid pearly
Sea princess
Sea Shimmer

Wigwam's headdress, and bandannas for Wigwam, 4 speed, Steamer and Quarterback

International Ponies needed

Activity Club Baby Ponies
UK babies, Lemon Drop, Gusty, Ribbon, heartthrob baby honeycomb
Tutti Frutti
Any Dragon that came with Princess ponies
Good Weather

All Sweet Kisses ponies

UK Non so soft Wind Whistler, Gusty, Shady, Magic Star, Buttons

Sea Ponies
Surf Dancer with Shell
Sea Spray with Shell

Playschool Baby Ponies
Schooltime Ponies
Starlight Baby Ponies (except Baby Mischief)
Flower ponies (except Daffodil)
7 Tales (except Clover)
Cookery Ponies
Good Weather
Romance Ponies Love Letter
Nurse Ponies
Rollerskate ponies Jazzie
Hair do ponies except starlight
Berry Town family
Meadowsweet Family
Dad and mom Sunbright
Best Friend Ponies except baby Susie
Sweetie babies
Jewelry ponies
Seaside ponies except Splosh

35th Anniversary Firefly
35th Anniversary Moondancer
35th Anniversary Glory
35th Anniversary Twilight
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Jun 9, 2005
The short-list is below, and I keep a longer "short list" on my website. If you're looking for a more extensive list, view my Wishing Well thread. If you're still looking for something, view my most comprehensive wish list at MLP Merch (WARNING: the MLP Merch list takes a LOOOONG time to load).

I prefer G3s and G4s in package (I save parts of the packaging).

Unacceptable flaws: Major haircuts, knotted/matted hair, major paint rubs, permanent marks, chew marks/holes, mold or large age spots, cigarette smoke smell

Acceptable flaws: Frizzy hair, slight hair trims, surface dirt, small age spots (especially if they can be easily hidden), broken neck seals (on G1s only), writing/initials on feet

Allergies: Cigarette smoke, dust, some cats (stuff from pet-friendly homes is generally OK for me)

Likes: Cadbury chocolate ('tis the season for caramel eggs), Kinder Joy, Finders Keepers (Pony edition), Ritter Sport Marzipan and Cornflakes, gummy Krabby Patties, cute stickers, Lisa Frank, unicorns, rainbows, purple, bath bombs, the Target Dollar Spot/Bullseye's Playground, White German Shepherds, black cats, Harry Potter, sprinkles and cupcake wrappers (I am a baking fool!), MLP merchandise

Dislikes: Anything grape- or banana-flavored, candles/wax melts, lotions/sprays/cosmetics (I only wear certain brands/scents)

skig's Pony Wish List


Curly-haired Applejack
Curly-haired Bow-tie
Baby Sea Shimmer (first wave Baby Sea Pony)
Baby Surf Rider (first wave Baby Sea Pony)
So-Soft Fifi
So-Soft Gusty
So-Soft Surprise
Baby Celebrate
Flutter Yum Yum
Princess Starburst
Pretty Vision
Tall Tales
Woosie - aqua release (I have the lavender version)
Magic Message Cloud Dreamer

I love all of the G2 babies, but I don't have any of them.

G3 - boxed only
Cheerilee II (Make-Up)
Pinkie Pie II (Make-Up)
Rainbow Dash IV (Make-Up)
Scootaloo III (Make-Up)
Starsong (Make-Up)
Sweetie Belle (Make-Up)
Toola Roola II (Make-Up)
Cheerilee (Name)
Blank Pony

G4 - boxed preferred
G4 All About DJ Pon-3
G4 All About Starlight Glimmer
G4 All About Photo Finish
G4 Flash Feather
G4 Flutter Cloud
Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie's Boutique Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie's Boutique Wysteria
Chinese New Year Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Power Nurse Redheart
Cutie Mark Magic Flower Wishes
Cutie Mark Magic Sweetie Drops
Water Cuties Diamond Mint

G4 Cutie Mark Crew
Series 1
Fin-tastic Field Trip
Star Students

Series 2
Pony Applejack
Big Mac
Princess Celestia
Princess Luna
EG Rainbow Dash
EG Rarity
EG Sunset Shimmer
Seapony Twilight Sparkle
Party Performers
Party Style

Series 3
All blind packs
Championship Party
Tea Party

Series 4
All blind packs EXCEPT Seapony Pinkie Pie, EG Twilight Sparkle, pony Rarity (fuzzy), pony Twilight Sparkle, and Sand Bar
Sightseeing Fun
Snow Day

Series 5
All blind packs
Confetti Party Countdown
Sugar Sweet Rainbow

Series 6
All blind packs

Retro Releases
Any G1 Dollymix ponies
Any G3 Dollymix ponies except Rainbow Dash and Sweetie Belle
Basic Fun! Sunbeam (MIB only; she's the last regular release I need!)


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Sep 2, 2013
Let's see, as far as condition goes I am not picky at all. I don't mind baity ponies, being a baity person. I'm totally cool with flaws.

Yum yums for the tum tum... I'm not much of a candy person but I will hide it for the odd day I want it. I like most candies except licorice. If you send my some, I will make a voodoo doll of you outta it and pinch your booty.

Extras? Hmm... I hoard everything, so it's pretty hard to go wrong with me. I like cutie wootsie toys and figurines Bunnies are my fave of course. But really, you can't go wrong. I will adore whatever you send me because you went to the trouble to get me things I like. Heck, send me your artwork! I love art!

Non MLP likes... well, I love comics, superheroes, dinosaurs, Dragon Ball, retro sci fi, the list is endless. I think I like way more than I don't like.

Now to the meat of it all. Which ponies do I want the most? Man, that is hard to say. I don't have an active list. I know I need G3 Lollligiggle, Gigglebean, PumpkinTart, Rainbow Sunrise. For G1 Baby Paws... any babies really. And maybe Rockin' Beat ponies of they're not too dear? And 3.5 Newborn Cuties. I'm mental for them. Or just a buncha baity babies. I ain't picky, as before stated.

This is close to a list as I can manage! YAYS!