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Jul 10, 2019
Hello! I'm new here so I thought I'd make a post with everything I have so far! In theory I will keep it updated, like a wishlist, as I get new things, but I wouldn't be surprised if I forget XD

I'm not a great photographer and my display shelf is very messy so i only have a couple of pictures, but I've linked to which version I have where it's ambiguous.
(Pics 1 2 3)

80s G1:
Plush Posey
NSS Cherries Jubilee (not sure if UK or US but probably UK)
UK NSS Gusty
Sweet Stuff/Sweetie
Moviestar NSS Buttons

Repro G1:
Blue Belle
Cotton Candy
This shirt (Snuzzle)
This poster (handmade)

This plush Fluttershy
This plush Twilight
This plush Pinkie (I think)
4.5 Fashion Style Mane Six link
This Twilight
This Spike
This Cadence
This other Cadence
Shining Armor link
Cutie Mark Crusaders (from these two sets)
G4.0 Mane Six (v a r i o u s + 1 2 3 4)
G4.5 Mane Six (v a r i o u s)
This Luna (I repainted her tiara with sharpie)
G4.5 Lyra
Pursey Pink
Pez Rainbow Dash link
BB Photo Finish link
BB Lyra link
BB Silver Spoon
BB Cheerilee link
BB Cherry Berry link
GOH Cheese Sandwich
BB Twilight Sky link
BB Twist
BB Meadow Song link
BB Smarty Pants
BB Rarity link
BB Hoity Toity
This horrible Flurry Heart
BB Rainbow Dash link
This Gummy
This hippogriff Skystar
This Capper*
This Twilight (not sure what set she came from but she's a unicorn with no forelock)
This tiny Twilight** (displayed with all my Twis, not with the other movie figures)
This other tiny Twilight I can't identify, from a UK gachapon
This Pinkie
This tiny Pinkie from a kinder egg
The rest of this movie set (Storm King, Tempest Shadow, Grubber, Songbird Serenade, Celaeno, nameless pirate, seapony Skystar, seapony Novo, plus Capper* and Twilight** kept separately)
BB Applejack link
BB Lucky Dreams link
BB Spike link
BB Scootaloo link
BB Pipsqueak link
This bedding set
This Pinkie Pie messenger bag
This hard plastic box (sold as makeup carrier, I don't wear makeup so I only kept the stickers)
Some other stickers I can't identify
This pencil case
This poster
This poster (hand-traced)
Some unofficial prints I bought at a con (will edit source in as a link if I find it)

*I keep Capper with my D&D minis because I play a tabaxi.

And I think that's it! I might have some other non-figure merch I've forgotten, but that's everything I keep in my bedroom. :satisfied: