Epilogue ~ Snap Dragon *NEW PIC ADDED*

Hi everyone! My name is Alma and I'm new to the board. I have one pony persona and that is Epilogue. Here is her description, stolen shamelessly from an RP that I used to be in.

The light blue-grey uni-peg seems to be constantly tossing her head, clearing her light brown eyes of her long and occasionally troublesome two-toned mane, burgundy and black hair streaked throughout with white and falling in soft curls to nearly touch the ground. Epi flicks her similarly colorerd tail, whickering again as she settles her wings along her back.
Her markings work over her rump and sides, coming to end only at her cheekbones in the traditional TAF manner. Her main symbol on either side is that of a pair of Drama Masks, one smiling and one seeming to cry. The smaller one clearly indicate her trait of a Twice as Fancy; small treble clefs and musical notes marking her sides.

Epi is heavier set in body type; somewhere between the tradition mares around her and a Big Brother pony, feathering upon all four hooves. She does not, however, seem to have any worries at all over this, finding enjoyment in life and living it to it's fullest.

Pic by Melissa O'Brien

Pic by Annie Msson
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Wow, haven't been to the forums in WAY too long! Hi again everyone! I figured I really should update with my other pony, as I forgot I had artwork done of her as well back when I created Epilogue in '05.

So, please allow me to introduce you to Snap Dragon!

Snap Dragon is a Summer Wing flutter pony with a rather contrary personality. She'd much rather be off by herself and tends to run in the way of sullen rather than perky or bubbly. She is smaller than the average flutter pony and slender, as the summer wings tend to run just a little larger than baby ponies. (Yes, she's tiny! XD )

She is a light to medium gray in body color, with a dark blue-gray mane and tail (typically messy and often times tangled) and light blue-gray eyes. Her cutie mark is a burgundy snap dragon blossom with a light purple serpentine dragon weaving up around it. She has the same mark, like all summer wings, on her face between her eyes.

Her butterfly-esque wings are where the color really comes into her palette, reds and purples dotted and striped.



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Dec 5, 2010
WHOA.... Snapdragon.... beautiful..........