Final Fantasy X Lulu with all her dolls- styling sized


Twinkles the Cat
Apr 25, 2012
Lulu from the Play Station 2 video game Final Fantasy X crafted from a generation 3 styling-sized 10 in. high unicorn, complete with all 6 of her dolls.


Production time for this is 2 weeks.

Dolls are crafted from the following bases:
fakies for the water moomba & cait sith, g2 McDonald's base for fire moomba, g3 McDonald's base for the onion knight, g3.5 McDonald's base for the moogle and a g4 McDonald's base for the cactuar.

Lulu has a hand-painted full body repaint in custom-blended antique white acrylics, eyes textured in realism techniques.

Here's a break down of production time:

1 1/2 days for all the painting.

1 day for re-hair job- approximately 5 packages of black magick dollyhair mixed with noir and dark cherry restoredoll hair. Hair is braided with blue and yellow rubberbands, head glued on over night for this day of work. Bangs permanently hardened in my hair gel method.

1 day for belt details/assembly- all constructed of authentic leather, hand-sewn, and used pliers to add all of the metal bits. Sewn to a larger piece of leather.

1 day for embroidery work on the train of the dress, all constructed of 3-4 layers of lace, ribbon, bias tape, hemp, all painted in antique white, light aqua and pale pink acrylics with a over-gloss of metallic champagne to tone down the pigments. All pieces hand-sewn to leather dress parts.
Train, sleeves, and corset were all constructed during this day- corset detailing is gray bias tape. Faux fur collar.

1 day for bead work- all wired together and consists of antique beads from the 1920's.

1 day for the moogle and water moomba. Moogle's re-haired in peaches & cream dollyhair, wings are from a rearing generation 3 McDonald's Starcatcher mlp.
Moomba is painted in matte blue acrylics, metallic, neon and turquoise glitter acrylics. Hair is waternixie dollyhair with the mane threaded through beads.

1 day for the fire moomba- all painted in acrylics, custom-dyed fur on chest and legs, tail is painted beads.

1 day for cait sith & cactuar. Cait sith is hand-painted in acrylics, whiskers are metal wire. Crown and boots are leather, kerchief is red bias tape. Cactuar had its original rear leg hacked off and I fixed in place a bent leg from another g4 mlp and custom-engineered it with wire to match the cactuar pose. All painted in acrylics, tail is key lime dollyhair and is pinned on through a green flower bead.

Last day was for the onion knight. Full body repaint in antique white acrylics, hood is off-white bias tape, orang helm is orange leather with black acrylic eye holes. Bead threaded through top of helm with a lock of yellow fever Hasbro dollyhair.
Boots, gloves, torso armor is authentic red leather, hand-sewn, detailed in yellow acrylics and yellow maxi piping. Cape, sword and shield are all constructed of armor, detailed in acrylics.

Regular-sized generation 3 pony base included in last photo for size comparison purposes. It is a patched-together bait that will be used for a Tidus custom.
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Cherry General ⚓
Oct 5, 2007
ahh she's gorgeous :D those little ones are sooooooooooooooo cute!!!


Mar 20, 2011
What a wonderfull custom(s)! I don't know the Final Fantasy game, so no clue about the story; i just love this whole set! Amazing job, well done! :D


Twinkles the Cat
Apr 25, 2012
No prob- I'll post a reference pic for the fun of it (was meaning to the first place, but had a lot on my plate while posting ^-^; )

Also some people on another forum a while back seemed to have gotten this Lulu character confused with the character in my avatar (Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, of which actually resembles the hero Cloud from Final Fantasy VII more than Lulu, but I digress)... so for fun and clearing up confusion for others, here's Lulu's reference pic:

And here's her dolls:

And now, working on Tidus!


Shoo be doo, shoo shoo bee doo!
Aug 26, 2012
Wow, this is amazing!
I love that you made all her dolls! Cait sith is my favourite, he looks so goofy! xD
They look great together, imagine the fun you could have if you made up some enemies to fight, too...


Princess Rinse 'N Spit
Oct 31, 2011
This is my favorite custom of yours so far, I love your attention to detail, you can tell you put alot of love into them!


Sweetberry Pony
Nov 27, 2012
Thought it was a Luna herself, and thought "Hey, cool!" but, no it's even better ponified!
That is amazing! Love she's got the same dress of belts :)

I can't get enough of McDonalds' Rarity being cactuar! The best!! Plus cute moogle.