Firebyrd and Baby: commission for Ginny


Lil Bee
I'm baaaack!

Sorry I haven't been around at ALL in a few years. I've moved several times since 2015, and the previous two places, I didn't trust the electric OR internet enough to be able to safely re-hook my desktop pc back up again (last place, I also didn't trust the majority of my house mates...).

Where I am now, though, everything is all good, and I love my house mates. Doggos EVERYWHERE (they run a pet sitting service. ^w^).

Slowly but surely, I'm getting my desktop pc up and running, and got my scanner back up, so I'm able to get back to work on posting my artwork online more frequently. That, and getting back to digital art again. Though I will always favor working in traditional mediums.

That said, I actually HAVE some artwork to show off. A commission piece for Ginny of her pony OC and her new baby's pony persona:

Mediums used:
colored pencils, metallic gold gel pen, and inking brush markers.

~~Debra (Bee)


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Ooooo! Such purdiness!

And welcome back! Glad to hear you are in a lovely place, with plenty of puppers. Puppers and critters of all kinds are really necessary for good health. We all know this. It's science!


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Oh hey, bee! Always loved seeing your artwork; you've got a great style. I especially adore how you drew the wings.

Looking forward to seeing you around the forums again!