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    I'm selling some of my G4s, posted on FB too, please ask availability. For more pics and description please ask, I'll answer as soon as I can =)

    I'm open to offers =)

    Shipping FROM Mexico:

    Approximate weighs FS 50 grams, a brushable 20-30 grams, and a baby 15 grams. A box weighs approximately 40-50 grams.

    Normal shipping with tracking number (can take up to two months to arrive):
    North America, Central America, the Caribbean:
    250 grams $5.00usd

    South America an Europe:
    250 grams $7.00usd

    Rest of the World:
    250 grams $7.50usd

    I'll adjust shipping costs according to weight.

    Fashion Style 6 inches tall ponies
    Applejack with saddle $20.00usd
    Shining Armor $10.00usd
    Applejack $15.00usd
    Rarity $8.00usd
    Rarity (hair covering body) $8.00usd

    FS G4s.jpg

    Brushable - Unicorns
    Starbeam Twinkle (pink unicorn with green/blue hair) $15.00usd
    Starbeam Twinkle (pink unicorn with green/blue hair) $13.00usd
    Twinkleshine (pink unicorn, pink hair) $15.00usd
    Twinkleshine (pink unicorn, pink hair) $13.00usd
    Snowcatcher (blue unicorn) $10.00usd
    Shining Armor $8.00usd


    Brushable - Earth
    Cherry Berry (pink with yellow hair) $10.00usd
    Plumsweet (white earth ) $15.00usd
    Lily Valley (pink with "tattoos") $8.00usd
    Star Swirl (blue with pink/purple hair) $15.00usd - SOLD!!!


    Sweetie Belle, Cherilee, Apple Bloom $15.00usd (each one $5.00usd)

    CMC Cherilee.jpg

    Brushable - Pegasus (kind of)
    Honey Rays $9.00usd
    Glimmer Wings Daisy Dreams $7.00usd


    Brushable - Princess
    Rainbow Kingdom Twilight Sparkle (pink/red stars) $8.00usd
    Rainbow Kingdom Twilight Sparkle (multicolored stars) $8.00usd


    3 minis $3.00usd for all (including the ones in the last pic, $8.00usd)
    Spike, Applejack, Mr. Carrot Cake


    Blind Bag / Mistery Mini $5.00usd for the pair (including the ones in the previous pic, $8.00usd)
    Mistery Mini Sweetie Drops $5.00usd
    Blind Bag Lemon Hearts $1.00usd

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