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Hello Everyone!
I am a relatively new collector (little over a year) and brand new to the forum. I think it is about time I start to get out there and talk with other people who share my hobby! Over the past year my collection has exploded!!!:shock: I am taking over my kids' toy room! :tongue:
I love to clean/refurb/reroot and buy/sell... mostly on eBay but I'm open to new avenues. I support my pony habit by fixing and reselling ponies and other toys that I find in unfortunate states!
I am looking for a good G1 inventory list. I want to keep a record of what I have, had and sold, or have for reroot, etc. I saw the inventory books online, but I am wondering what you have and what you find helpful? Are there any spreadsheets out there?

Thanks a bunch!


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I'd also appreciate help with this! XD

My parents bought me the collector guide book (summer hayes, G1) as a gift, but since it only covers US releases and I'm not in the US, I find it somewhat lacking. Instead I've been trying to muddle together the pages on My Little Wiki and the MLP Scrapbook, but the wiki is incomplete and the Scrapbook has a very confusing layout... :/


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I've been keeping a spreadsheet in Google to keep track of my collection. I've been tagging the ponies with paper string tags (since I have had to look up each of their names o_O) so the sheet tells me details that won't fit on a little paper tag. The columns I have set up:
  • Tag (whatever is on the tag to identify the pony--something unique)
  • Pony's Name
  • Generation/Year (e.g. G1 Year 4)
  • Hoof (e.g. 1986 Hong Kong)
  • Issue/Series (Twinkle-Eye, Big Brothers, etc...)
  • Mint Accessories (whether I have them or not, so I can more easily figure out what goes to who)
  • Basic Cleaning? (Y/N)
  • Hair Washed? (Y/N)
  • Problems (listing degree of hair craziness, any surface marks, etc; when the issue is fixed I type "FIXED" in front of the list item)
  • Notes (anything else that doesn't fit in the other columns; I've been using it to note which are in good condition and which are sentimental)
If I sell any, I'll add a column noting that status!


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I use Summer's guide cause I like how detailed it is, although it doesn't cover internationals. Debra Birge had an international guide although the info wasn't complete but I've also found it helpful.