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Sep 24, 2012
Oh gosh... I am so sorry! D: That is terrible news. My condolences to you and your best friend's family. T_T

I don't blame you for all of your feelings. This is a LOT for anyone to go through! ;_; I wish I knew what else to say. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself, through this rough time.


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Oct 18, 2017
I’ve had another devastating blow. My best friend’s mother died last night. His family has taken me in and I’m very close to them. She was in the hospital this last week and they were running tests and then she just took a bad turn and died last night. How can this happen when I’m stuck in Toronto? I’m all he has. He literally has no other friends. I feel guilty. Worse than that, I’m angry. The night I was listening to my character assassination, I had wanted to go see her in the hospital. I’m feeling super hostile towards my “team”. I guess I just have a lot of anger and feelings and no place to put them.

I feel like I need to just get on a plane back to Vancouver. I’m also concerned because my female best friend is here and her mother is also quite ill. Again, her mother is a woman I feel very close to and she may have cancer.

I feel overwhelmed and just sick over everything.

I’m fighting with my instinct to just jump on a plane to Vancouver. Either way, I’ll probably have to go back sooner. I can’t miss the funeral.

Skybreeze, I’m sorry to hear you are unwell. It seems everyone is sick. I hope I will still get to see you. Either way, I’ll ensure you get the ponies.
Girl. Friends are family and I totally understand if you need to go home sooner. I might be able to grab a quick moment on Sunday if your around? Then I can at least give you a good pony friendship hug irl.
Sending you all my love girl.