MLPTP EVENT Halloween Hunt: Grand Finale Sign-Up Thread

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First come, first serve!
To make things fair, only one movie per hunter and no duplicates. So claim a movie by posting your choice in this topic.

You must post the image of the movie poster here. If you do not claim a movie poster and submit an entry anyway, you will only receive sneaky points (no matter how awesome the submission may be). If your poster is not acceptable to TP terms or not a true movie poster, we will tell you to choose again. Please remember that the TP is a G-rated forum!

*It must be a THEATER movie poster that would have been found at an actual theater and not in the poster section at Walmart.


Fraser, your wolf just ate my jelly doughnut!

I'm at work and can get nothing to work on my phone, but I have a poster picture from Jurassic world, Pratt on his motorcycle with his four raptors. I'll post the actual pic when I get home.

Edit for photo inclusion.... :)

It was a teaser poster, BTW.... I took a million photos of it while it was in the theater because I wanted it so bad lol....
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Not quite sure if this is an official poster, if not I'll pick another.
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