Hi there! Getting back into it


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Hello all! I was once a pretty big collector of g3 ponies, but over the years my stash has thinned out considerably. Right now I've got around 100 I'm looking to sell though! I am taking my time to list them, as I want to be sure that I follow the rules and etiquette of the board!

Hmm, what to say about myself... Back in the day I was a bit of a lurker on the MLP forums, both here and some others, but I have always been quite shy about getting involved. For a short time I was a gif maker on tumblr, g3-love if you are familiar! Sadly due to work accelerating I wasn't able to continue. I do miss it terribly! I have done some digital art commission work in the past and have a depop shop that I hope will gain a little more traction soon, if anyone is interested in references of me as a seller.
Overall I just really want to say that I'm excited to be here and so happy to see MLPTP still thriving! <3:ponylove:<3


Welcome back! G-3’s are pretty awesome! I am a fan myself! Are you a part of the arena? I’m sure that you could sell ponies here and there on the sites. :smile:


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Hello! I'm sure many folks will be excited to buy the G3s you are selling. I've seen your tumblr around in tags! I'm pretty sure I considered your gifs for this one post I made that didn't gain any traction. Never followed though, since by the the time I discovered you the blog was pretty much dead ^_^


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Welcome back! No need to be shy, I felt the same way for many, many years. Now I’m sure everyone is tired of seeing me around here. ;)

I’m happy to see your posting, sad to hear your selling off your ponies. If you need help with anything don’t be afraid to ask, chances are someone here can help you out or point you in the right direction.


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