Homemade Pony Field Guide Project


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The other day I was out at antique stores, perusing bags of toys, and realized that I didn't have all the G1 accessories memorized. I wasn't sure whether any of the brushes or barrettes I saw were pony-related or not! It was a bit frustrating. I also no longer have a smartphone (purely by choice), so looking up pictures on the internet while I'm out isn't possible, and making a printed booklet would require too much (terribly expensive) printer ink.

So I decided to start a little art project; make my own hand-written field guide, completely illustrated by myself, to help me identify ambiguous pony items while I'm out and about! I decided to bind it with both hot glue and string. The cover is actually craft foam; I have a ton of it lying around from all my previous cosplay projects, and it's easy to manipulate while being durable enough to protect the paper.

It's currently still just a WIP but here are some pics of it so far:

Cover (blurred out my name oops)

Inside illustration

Combs/Brushes, Page 1

Combs/Brushes, Pages 2 & (Partial) 3


I'm enjoying putting this together! It's neat to draw all the different kinds of accessories, and this way I won't have to scramble to remember whether that suspicious little comb is pony-related or not.


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cool idea


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What a fantastic idea!
A lot easier than using my phone and various websites as I shop. Lol