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I have decided against my better judgement to start a thread with my "personas" so to speak, these are all kind of works in progress but I thought it would be nice to have a little list with some pictures I'm working with.

My Persona's name is Capa
Designed by CannibalCow
Body Colour: Light Green
Hair Colour: Light blue, orange, sky blue
Eye Colour: Grey
Breed: Unicorn
Symbol: Orange and blue rocket with grey smoke running down her leg

Here are the ones CC has made me

By starrby

Symbol ref

Adventure Card by LLBPonyGirl

This is my secondary persona, Nielsen
Body Colour: Light Blue
Hair Colour: yellow and green
Eye Colour: Green
Breed: Unicorn
Symbol: Television

one I made

by LLBPonyGirl

symbol ref

Yay! I have a persona thread! XD
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I like the smoke trail design!
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