I made a website for my collection


Princess Rinse 'N Spit
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Aug 29, 2013
I'm not sure where to post this? If anyone knows of a better place let me know! :tongue: I recently put enough content on my Weebly collection website to be okay publishing it. Mind you, there's still almost nothing on it - a few pictures, a few character bios, and that's it - but it's a start! I'll slowly be adding to it when I can (though this quarantine is giving me a lot of time). I'm trying to document my collection by year.

Ponylandpress was the website that got me collecting in the first place, and I always loved the part of their site where they gave their ponies character and families, etc. So I decided that this website would be a document of my collection as well as my personal "ponyland."

Check it out if you want! Here's the link. Thanks for reading <3