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Dec 28, 2016
Hi pony friends,

I can't seem to find my old account, so I'm starting over again... I was Echosweet back in 2008, and was a seller at the Providence, RI Pony Fair that summer.

I've been busy teaching elementary kids (I teach Drama!) and raising 2 pre-teens and 2 step-daughters... with a baby on the way.

I'm ready to sell off my G3 Year 1 collection of ponies and playsets, to make room for a nursery. Keep an eye out for postings as soon as I can get organized... If you are looking for a certain set, feel free to message me and I'll start with requests!

I'm about 30 ponies away from a complete G1 U.S. collection. Of course, all the ones I need are super $pricey$, so I may not finish the collection anytime soon... diapers and daycare take priority.

I also have about 100+ well-loved G1's that will be looking for new homes (these were extras from my collection that have been played with by my kids). I don't have time to sell them individually, so I may just break them into smaller lots or sell the whole bunch locally. Any pony people in Charleston, SC???

Nice to be back :)
~ Sarah/Echosweet


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Sep 2, 2013
Welcome back and congrats on a sweet baby! When are you due?


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Jan 3, 2006
Welcome back! I was at that fair, I probably bought ponies from you :) Only 30 more to go huh, I'm about 40 away and that darn Rapunzel is among them but I got a 4 year savings plan going for her LOL or maybe I'll get lucky and hit the jackpot at a yard sale one day.