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Lil' Miss Volans ponysona

Lil' Miss Volans

Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Mar 16, 2013
Just a little info about her. Hmm, can we make up pony species? Because I think we need more winged ponies, and more jewel ponies:tongue:

So, here we have Miss Volans, a Skimmer wing pony. Similar to the Windy/Summer/Glimmer wing ponies, Skimmer wings sport large butterfly wings that are mostly of the swallowtail type. Skimmers also feature a simple jewel in their forehead.

  • Her hair and tail colors are fuchsia, blue, and lavender
  • gem is emerald
  • wings are black with three stripes colored as the same as the hair; blue and green dots along the wing's edge.
  • cutie mark is a black flying fish with blue details in the fins.
She enjoys skimming along the ocean, and all things iridescent.
Her specialty is insight and finding schools of fling fish, letting them show her the way to new places and discoveries. (lame and cheesy, I know)

I don't really enjoy making personas, they always tend to sound too sue-ish. But Here she is just the sake of having a bio page for her.