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Little Running Pony (Android game)


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Hey everypony!
We want to share with you our game called Little Running Pony, which made with love and magic of friendship by bronies for bronies. This game is a cool 3D runner.

Short list of features:
  • Random obstacle
  • A cool 3D graphics
  • Bonuses (magnet, dynamite, watch, booster, score multiplier and coins multiplier)
  • Quest (5 collect apples and get extra coins)
  • Clothing Store (expected new collections)
  • 23 different ponies
  • Leaderboards
  • Achievements
  • Landscape and portrait screen orientation

You play as a little pony running on the roof (there will be more different levels soon), dodging random obstacles on your way, so each time the route will be slightly different.
Your goal is to run as far as possible and collect as many gold coins. You can spend coins to buy new ponies and clothes in the store. There are 23 different ponies available now.
You can earn more coins collecting apples! Gathered for the first time five apples, you get 500 extra coins, and if you play every day, reward gets bigger!

There are some bonuses, that will help you to run:
  • Magnet - attracts coins near you.
  • Dynamite - blows up nearest obstacles, helping you to run and collect coins safely.
  • Clock - slows down time, allowing you to dodge obstacles or choose better way when you’re moving fast.
  • Booster - accelerates you to greater speed and makes it possible to pass through obstacles.
  • Coins multiplier - doubles the number of coins that you collect.
  • Score multiplier - doubles your score while bonus is active.

All bonuses are time limited, so hurry up to take advantage of them!
Also there are leaderboards and achievements, you can compete with your friends! Collect all achievements first!

Development of the game began in 2014, at the beginning it was a small fan-made project without claim to originality. But it turned that the game is original and it became popular, despite the fact that the game was bad. But thanks to its popularity, we are making it better.
Last update had a Halloween theme, the main innovation consists in the fact that now there is a clothing store. There is a variety of coats, hats, masks, false mustache, vampire teeth, hooves. Also Halloween decorated level.
Now we are making update, where we had already completely redesigned graphics (but this is still roof), added new clothes, also we are improving performance, gameplay will become much more interesting, will add something new and finally we’ll fix all bugs.
You can help the development if you tell us here what do you like or dislike in this game, maybe offer interesting ideas on the development of the game. Also, you really help if rate the game with 5 stars, and leave a nice review!
This will allow us to make future updates quicker and better, and begin to develop Little Running Pony 2, which will be 200% cooler, because there will be amazing graphics, awesome gameplay and unprecedented features still not found in any Runner.

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