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    Updated May 20th, 2015

    Wow! I haven't posted here in awhile. But I'm ready to trade again so I'm hoping to find some other card collectors here. I am primarily looking for the Series 3 cards but will trade for others that I need. I do not have a list of what I have to trade, so you will need to list what you're looking for and I will check and get back to you.

    I will mention that I have a Series 3 lenticular Rairty to trade. I am hoping to get either a lenticular Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash for that.


    TCG Series 3 Want

    F4 Star Swirl the Bearded
    F38 Princess Twilight Sparkle - getting soon
    F42 Pinkie’s Lament
    F44 Cheese Confesses - getting soon

    Mane Six Binder Puzzle
    F46 Princess Twilight Sparkle
    F47 Fluttershy
    F48 Pinkie Pie
    F49 Rainbow Dash
    F51 Applejack
    F52 Spike
    F53 Discord
    F54 Castle of Friendship

    Special Foils (Promo cards)
    F56 Fluttershy
    F58 Rainbow Dash
    F60 Applejack
    F63 Untitled

    Promo Stickers from Wal-Mart - Don't know numbers
    Pinkie Pie

    Lenticular Cards
    (5-8 are box toppers)

    L1 Princess Twilight Sparkle
    L5 Fluttershy
    L6 Rainbow Dash
    L7 Untitled
    L8 Maud Pie

    Ponyville Ponies Puzzle(from Value Packs)

    Ashleigh Ball as Rainbow Dash and Applejack
    Kathleen Barr as Trixie and Queen Chrysalis
    Ingrid Nilson as Maud Pie
    John de Lancie as Discord
    Andrea Libman as Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy
    Peter New as Big Mac
    Nicole Oliver as Princess Celestia
    Tabitha St. Germain as Rarity & Princess Luna
    Tara Strong as Princess Twilight Sparkle
    "Weird Al" Yankovic as Cheese Sandwich

    TCG Series 2 Wants

    F40 Derpy
    F42 Twilight Sparkle
    F?? Smarty Pants

    TCG Series 1 Wants
    F40 - Rarity
    (and possibly F42 DJ Pon-3/Octavia promo since the one I got had a tiny bend in it. )

    Corrected cards from second release -
    I used a combination of this https://docs.google.com/document/d/...gc6_ieB2V45g1Jy_o/edit#heading=h.s7xexu8he6al this MLP Arena Enterplay FiM Trading Card Trading Thread! and this https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l9NBiOEg7ABJFQobEFB49FgLHTeSQ-8E2yEoxgVkexU/edit to make the list
    #72 I Really AM a Doormat - I don't think there's a difference (?)
    F21 Fluttershy - maybe (is there a difference?)
    And maybe others that have difference I might have missed (feel free to offer suggestions)

    Premiere CCG Wants - need to make sure up to date
    1F Rainbow Dash - Flier Extraordinaire (non-holo)
    2F Applejack - Steadfast Farmpony (holo)
    4F Twilight Sparkle - Faithful Student (non-holo)
    5F Rarity - Dazzling Fashionista
    11R Cloudchaser - Flexible Flier
    24R Applejack - Barn Raiser
    32R Silver Spanner - Nuts for Bolts
    34R Sunny smiles - Iconic Friend
    43R Goldengrape - Popular Punster
    49R Snips & Snails - Dynamic Duo
    50R Surprise - Party Pegasus
    51R Apple Stars - Fruit Prodigy
    59R Rare Find - A Real Gem
    62R Sunny Rays - One Bright Mare
    72R Savoir Fare - Snooty Server
    74R Lotus Blossom - Sauna Expert
    90R Mr. Beaverton Beaverteeth - Dam Builder
    122R The Big Guns
    125R Undercover Adventure
    128R Whoa There Nelly!
    132R Carousel Boutique
    151R Two Bits

    Ultra Rares
    198UR Rainbow Dash - Winged Wonder
    200UR Ship Shape - Heavy Lifter
    202UR Screwy - Barking Mad
    204UR Zecora - Everfree Guru
    205UR Octavia - Virtuoso
    206UR Rarity - Truly Outrageous
    209UR Heart's Desire
    211UR Fluttershy - Monster Tamer

    f2 Applejack - Steadfast Farmpony (same as above in "Normal" set)
    f5 Rarity - Dazzling Fashionista (same as above in "Normal" set)
    f7 Finish Line - Jammer
    f9 Rainbow Dash - Weather Leader
    f13 Applejack - Barn Raiser
    f15 Granny Smith - Apple Elder
    f16 Drill Bit - Destruction Worker
    f19 Pinkie Pie - Ice Cutter
    f21 Professor Neigh - Algebraic!
    f22 Gyro - Poindexter
    f23 Rare Find - A Real Gem
    f24 Twilight Sparkle - All-Team Organizer
    f26 Rarity - Nest Weaver
    f27 Fluttershy - Guidance Counselor
    f28 Fluttershy - Animal Team
    f29 Lilac Links - Superstitious
    f30 Winona - On the Scent
    f31 Assertiveness Training
    f32 Let's Get This Party Started
    f35 Working Together
    f37 Golden Oak Library
    f38 Sweet Apple Acres
    f39 Picnic Lunch
    f40 Ahulzotl
    f41 Parasprite Swarm

    Pf1 Rainbow Dash - To the Rescue
    Pf2 Applejack - Farm Foremare
    Pf3 Pinkie Pie - Ear to Ear
    Pf7 Nightmare Moon
    Pf8 Eeyup
    Pf9 Gotta Go Fast
    Pf10 Stand Still!
    Pf12 Assault Cake

    Canterlot Nights CGG Wants - need to make sure up to date
    2U - Applejack, Apple Vendor
    9R - Chief Thunderhooves, Buffaloing Buffalo
    12R - Dr. Hooves, Just in Time
    25R - Applejack, Element of Honesty
    33R - Earth Pony Royal Guard, Arresting Officer
    34R - Fast Clip, Drill Instructor
    37R - Joe, Doughnuteer
    40R - Cheese Sandwich, Wandering Partier
    51R - Snips and Snails, Problem Solvers
    61R - Shining Armor, Captain of the Guard
    73R - Hoity Toity, Fashion Critic
    84R - Blossomforth, Too Flexible
    102R - Critter Stampede
    110R - Mane-Raising Experience
    120R - The Hard Way
    127R - What's Old is New Again
    128R - You've Been Up All Night
    148R - Snooty Boutique
    149R - Soothe the Savage Beast
    152R - Train Tracks
    153R - Varmint Barricade
    156R - "Princess Mi Amore Cadenza"
    164R - Sunset Shimmer
    165R - 800 Years of Sweltering Heat

    Canterlot Nights (Ultra Rare Set)
    00 Fluterbat
    189 Princess Luna, Dream Catcher
    190 Princess Celestia, Equestrian Leader
    191 A. K. Yearling, Adventure Writer
    192 Bulk Biceps, All Muscle
    193 Granny Smith, Jar Judger
    194 DJ Pon-3, Everypony's Shufflin'
    196 Princess Luna, Mare in the Moon
    197 Twilight Sparkle, Noted Speaker
    198 Fancy Pants, Trendsetter
    199 Sweetie Belle, Doting Sister
    200 Princess Celestia, Protector of Equestria
    201 The Element of Kindness, Sharing Kindness

    Canterlot Nights (Foil Parallel Set)
    3b Rarity, Dressmaker
    4b Princess Celestia, Hoof Shaker
    5 Applejack, Apple Vendor
    6 Pinkie Pie, Pokey Pony
    7 Twilight Sparkle, Gala Greeter
    8 Fluttershy, Friend to Animals
    10 Dr. Hooves, Just In Time
    11 Rainbow Dash, Goosebump Giver
    12 Rainbow Dash, Element of Loyalty
    14 Applejack, Element of Honesty
    15 Daisy, Mousy Mare
    17 Golden Harvest, Beyond Her Garden
    19 Cheese Sandwich, Wandering Partier
    20 Lily, Panicked Pony
    21 Pinkie Pie, Element of Laughter
    22 Snips & Snails, Problem Solvers
    24 Minuette, Clocked Up
    26 Spike, Assistant Librarian
    27 Twilight Sparkle, Element of Magic
    28 Octavia, Star Cellist
    29 Rarity, Dragon Charmer
    30 Rarity, Element of Generosity
    31 Roseluck, Fainthearted Filly
    33 Fluttershy, Critter Caregiver
    34 Fluttershy, Element of Kindness
    36 Princess Celestia, Bringer of Light
    37 Mane-Raising Experience
    38 Plum Tuckered Out
    39 Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot!
    41 The Brave and the Bold
    43 Apple Cider
    44 Chicken Costume
    45 Combat Hat
    46 Go, Feed!
    47 I Just Can't Decide!
    48 The Twilicane
    49 "Princess Mi Amore Cadenza"
    51 Red Dragon

    Canterlot Nights (Promo Set)
    2 Coco Pommel, Fashion Apprentice
    3 Applejack, Reunion Organizer
    4 In Your Dreams
    5 Rarity, Big Sister
    6 Furry Free-for-All
    7 Pinkie Pie, Apple Family Member
    8 Varmint Barricade
    11 Fluttershy, Rainbow Chaser
    12 I Got a Golden Ticket!
    13 Rainbow Dash, Dressing in Style
    14 Twilight Sparkle, Ursa Vanquisher

    Rock & Rave
    - have all -

    Celestial Solstice
    - have all -

    The Crystal Games
    2F Spike, Crystal Hero
    4F Bubbly Mare, Helping Hoof
    6R Bulk Biceps, Pumped Up
    10R Dr. Hooves, Experienced Equine
    13U Rainbow Dash, Crystallized
    14R Rainbow Dash, Relay Racer
    28R Silverspeed, Eye in the Sky
    35R Cheese Sandwich, Heavy Artillery
    45R Surprise, Outta Nowhere
    47F Cheerilee, Homeroom Teacher
    48R Haymaker, Tough Trainer
    50R Ms. Harshwhinny, Officious Official
    56U Shining Armor, Crystal Prince
    62R Coco Pommel, Refurbisher
    75U Trenderhoof, Travel Writer
    86F Hummingbird, Nimble Flier
    87R Orthros, Go Fetch
    91F A Hasty Retreat
    95R Burst of Speed
    96U Call to Action
    98R Cutie Pox Scare
    99R Doctor's Orders
    106R Inspiration Manifestation
    111U Plowing the Field
    116R Spell Off
    122R Tug of War
    123R Unending Nightmare
    124R Yoink!
    129R Crystal Forcefield
    134R Jester Suit
    137R Out of Action
    140R Pony Charm
    141R Ponyville Banner
    154R The Crystal Heart, Heart of an Empire
    155R Wonderbolt Academy Invitations
    161R Enchanted Parasprites
    166R Windigo
    168R Cart Crafting
    176U Fending off Fiends
    178U Ice Cloud Calamity
    188R The Show Must Go On

    The Crystal Games (Ultra Rares)
    UR00 Princess Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship
    UR191 Shining Armor/Princess Cadance, Fastball Special
    UR192 Spike, The Brave and Glorious
    UR194 Applejack, Carbo-Loader
    UR195 Claude, Pulling the Strings
    UR196 Pinkie Pie, Distracting Cheerer
    UR197 Trixie, The Great and Powerful Showoff
    UR198 Princess Cadance, Crystal Princess
    UR200 Fluttershy, Reliable Racer
    UR201 Destiny Drain
    UR202 The Equestria Games
    UR203 The Element of Honesty, Faithful and Strong
    UR204 The Element of Generosity, A Beautiful Heart
    UR205 King Sombra

    The Crystal Games (Foil Parallel Set)
    f1 Cutie Mark Crusaders, Ponyville Flag Carriers - have from deck?
    f2 Spike, Crystal Hero
    f3 Princess Cadance, Loving Ruler - have from deck?
    f4 Bubbly Mare, Helping Hoof
    f6 Dr. Hooves, Experienced Equine
    f10 Apple Bloom, Showstopper
    f11 Applejack, Crystallized
    f12 Maud Pie, Like a Rock
    f13 Spike, Statuesque
    f14 Winona, Dependable Pet
    f16 Cheese Sandwich, Heavy Artillery
    f17 Gummy, Fun Pet
    f19 Pinkie Pie, Crystallized
    f20 Ms. Harshwhinny, Officious Official
    f21 Owlowiscious, Wise Pet
    f22 Princess Luna, Good Night's Sleep
    f23 Shining Armor, Crystal Prince
    f24 Twilight Sparkle, Crystallized
    f25 Coco Pommel, Refurbisher
    f26 Fancy Pants, All Class
    f28 Rarity, Crystallized
    f29 Sweetie Belle, Showstopper
    f30 Angel, Bossy Pet
    f31 Equestrian Mailmare, Special Delivery
    f32 Fluttershy, Crystallized
    f33 Goldie Delicious, Dinner Time
    f34 Princess Celestia, Bane of Evil
    f35 Call to Action
    f36 Finger Snap
    f37 Friends Forever
    f38 Plowing the Field
    f39 Poetry Slam
    f40 The Power of Love
    f41 True Evil
    f42 Yoink!
    f43 Ceremonial Headdress
    f44 Magical Mailbox
    f45 Slick Shades
    f46 The Crystal Heart, Heart of an Empire
    f47 Gilda
    f49 Hydra

    The Crystal Games (Promo Set)
    Pf3 Burst of Speed
    Pf4 Dr. Hooves, Too Splashy
    Pf5 Doctor's Orders
    Pf6 Octavia, Serious Musician
    Pf7 Sound the Flugelhorn!
    Pf8 Princess Luna, Dream Weaver
    Pf9 Pony Charm
    Pf10 Unending Nightmare
    Pf11 Princess Celestia, Gambit Planner
    Pf12 DJ Pon-3, Flippant DJ
    Pf13 Out of Action
    Pf15 Crystal Forcefield
    Pf16 Lady Justice, Judge & Jury
    Pf17 The Equestria Games

    Absolute Discord- updateing soon
    Have #1F Discord Master of Chaos

    Dog Tag Wants
    *'s I definitely want. Ones without *'s are less important.
    2 - Rarity
    4 - Pinkie Pie
    5 - Fluttershy*
    6 - Rainbow Dash*
    7 - Spike
    12 - Soarin' and Spitfire*
    16 - Lyra Heartstrings
    17 - Berry Punch
    18 - Friendship is Magic
    19 - The Alicorn Amulet
    27 - Rarity
    28 - Applejack
    29 - Pinkie Pie
    31 - Rainbow Dash*
    32 - Princess Luna*
    33 - FiM

    Dog Tag Tattoo Sheet Wants

    Dog Tag Decals
    - have all

    Deluxe Dog Tag Wants
    Might Want (if I decide to collect full set) - Large Twilight Sparkle and Rarity. Small Applejack and Twilight Sparkle.

    --- Don't have any of the Gold Dog Tags ---

    Tattoos and Stickers that come with Mini Comics
    - list coming soon

    - Might also consider trading cards for non-US blind bag cards (the ones with different languages on them)
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  2. Risha

    Risha Bushwoolie

    Just updated my wants and has lists. ^^ *really hope someone has F20* :D
  3. Misfit13

    Misfit13 Teeny Tiny Baby Pony

    Happy New Year, I have an extra (or two..) of F20, also have a gold Celestia...all I need for my collection is 2 golds (Cadenza/Chrysallis-box toppers) and promos(probably not gonna happen anytime soon...lol) I do have the pinkie, t sparkle and the DJ Vinyl promos now ..yay :)
  4. Risha

    Risha Bushwoolie

    Happy New Year to you too! Someone was nice enough to send me an extra F20 they had so now I'm just looking for promos and gold cards. I'm interested in your Celestia but the only extra gold I have is Luna (just got it today...only gold card I had already. Lol) but I'll probably be trading that for a Cadance.
  5. Risha

    Risha Bushwoolie

    Updated! Got some new cards today...including an extra Gold Princess Luna card. :D
  6. Risha

    Risha Bushwoolie

    Bump! My Gold Princess Luna card is available again since the trade I was working out fell through.
  7. hitmusicwithtandc

    hitmusicwithtandc Teeny Tiny Baby Pony

  8. Risha

    Risha Bushwoolie

    Bump! Just realized I need a first printing Shining Armor common. *hopes someone has it*
  9. nikit96

    nikit96 Teeny Tiny Baby Pony

    I have one! What do have to offer in return?
  10. Risha

    Risha Bushwoolie

    Hi, sorry for not getting back to you right away. I was supposed to getting one from someone but I never heard back from them. Do you have a card wishlist? I can check to see if I have anything you're looking for.
  11. nikit96

    nikit96 Teeny Tiny Baby Pony

    It's alright :)

    Yupp check here~
  12. Inuranchan

    Inuranchan Blind Bag

    So, I guess I can stop holding my Shining Armor for you?
  13. Risha

    Risha Bushwoolie

    Bump! Now with Series 2! :D
  14. Risha

    Risha Bushwoolie

    Just got my Series 2 box today, do you have a list of the Series 2 cards you need? I still haven't finalized a trade for the Shining Armor from anyone. ^^;
  15. Risha

    Risha Bushwoolie

    Just clicked your link (sorry it took so long....life has been crazy the last month or so. x.x). I noticed you're not looking for any commons from Series 1. ^^; I just got my box for Series 2, so I'll have to see if I have anything you need from there, is your TCO list up-to-date? I just updated my list on this forum for the cards I'm still looking for from Series 2.

    I'm going to wait until I hear back from Inuranchan about Shining Armor since they offered it to me first and were holding their's until my Series 2 box arrived.
  16. Inuranchan

    Inuranchan Blind Bag

    I figured you hadn't, but I just wanted to check in.
    Here's my list http://www.mlptp.net/forums/wanted-...ion-mlp-cards-2nd-series-promos-included.html :) If you don't have the common card or standees I need, maybe I could trade shining armor and a common card or two for any double foil you might have extra?
  17. nikit96

    nikit96 Teeny Tiny Baby Pony

    It's alright.

    I don't have a single series 2 card so thats why it not on my list.

    Okay. That's fine.
  18. Risha

    Risha Bushwoolie

    BUMP! Updated my wants list and added what foils I have available for trade.
  19. moumou

    moumou Bushwoolie

    I have a lot of what you need but since I'm not collecting cards anymore, I'm only selling. Let me know if you're still interested!
  20. Risha

    Risha Bushwoolie

    I would rather trade, but if I can't find them, I would consider purchasing. Could you let me know what prices you were thinking?

    Also, is there any merchandise you would be willing to trade the cards for? I have some MLP stuff that I might be willing to part with.

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