Lunafeesh Mare & Mana Lai + Midnight Runner


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With this first drawing, I've come up with a full concept of an oc where I fulfill the creator of Midnight Runner's whim of being his waifu~
Splice Luna's design with my oc Manafeesh. And we get, Lunafeesh~
Took ponified Mana Lai's cutie mark that Midnight gave her of Fleur De Lis, and incorporated it into the shoes and chest crest.
Then the tiger stripes, markings and fins from the Manafeesh concept. And lightning bolt horn too~

And then I've done a drawing of ponified Mana Lai with Midnight Runner~

Sketched everything out in pencil, inked in 3 sizes of pen, then colored in watercolor pencils blended with damp Q-tips. white milk gel pen highlights, some pearl acrylic detailing in Luna's mane.


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I too am in love with the colour scheme. It's so vibrant!