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Think I've crafted enough more customs to post in one spot again
Commissions, for sale stock, gifts as usual

My Commissions are open private message me for inquiry

First up, I did a set of Inkie Rose & Maude Pie. I felt they look close enough alike they could be related lol. They are available for sale Except
Inky Rose: ----SOLD----

Next up is
Star Tracker from Friendship Is Magic, season 7. Twilight's fanboy! lol.
He is available for sale, click follow url for complete info:

Next up is
Elias Ainsworth from a new anime Mahou Tsukai no Yome. He was a commissioned request and resides with a frequent customer over in Spain.

Click following url for complete craft details:

I was watching Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild being played and fell in love with Saki's design. She is from the Rito bird people tribe. She sold
Click url for complete craft details:

And here is a Christmas gift custom I crafted and sent in time to be opened. It is a custom of Absol from Pokemon.
Click following url for complete craft details:

Commissioned request of a Plague Doctor.
Click following url for complete craft details:

Another commissioned request, but for the Happy Mask dealer from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
Masks are detachable from the luggage and can be tied onto a small g4 princess-sized custom of the hero Link, that the custom commissioned a couple years ago.
Also, this is my SECOND 5 BELOW CUSTOM I'VE EVER DONE so far lol
Click following url for complete details:

Aaaannnd I hit a band wagon of making quick customs based on a horrible Tide Pod Challenge meme. These sold swiftly.
Click following url for complete details:

Next up, I've been planning for a while to make a custom of Julian, the only unicorn villager from Nintendo Animal Crossing: New Leaf game for the 3ds.
He is available for sale.

Click following url for completely craft info:

And another commission, to craft Friendship Is Magic version of Bon Bon, but as a princess to match the Princess Lyra custom I made earlier on for the same customer.
Click following url for complete craft info:

And the final
commission request of a large order, was to make another SkullKid, from Legend of Zelda: Majora's mask custom. This is my 3rd Skullkid custom I've made, since 2011.
Click follow url for completely craft details:

That wraps it up for about now, thanks for looking!
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