MALE blind bag ponies on Taobao!

Discussion in 'MLP Discussion' started by LadyM, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. LadyM

    LadyM Princess Rinse 'N Spit

    There is a new set of blind bag ponies on the Chinese auction site Taobao, and it contains MALE PONIES!!

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  2. DialgaBritesMom

    DialgaBritesMom I tooadally promise it'll be toooadally fun!!

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH EMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I hope this means there is a regular sized Big Mac (and others) in our future!!! :bounce:
  3. Dialga-Brite

    Dialga-Brite Lovely Warrior of Friendship

    OMG OMG Biiiiig Maaaaaaac! :D

    Thats awesome but I really hope we get a bigger big mac though.
  4. MyLittleLofty

    MyLittleLofty Lofty is my Homegirl

    DO WANT.

    I do love those boy ponies.
  5. LadyM

    LadyM Princess Rinse 'N Spit

  6. MustBeJewel

    MustBeJewel Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    No way!! How awesome is that!? :allecto:
  7. apanda0622

    apanda0622 Blind Bag Pony

    I definetely want Big Mac, not sure about the others, and I'm still trying to get the second wave ones.
  8. josiekat

    josiekat There's no such thing as a bait Bluebelle!

    I hope it leads to regular sized boys, but I am pretty meh about these. I don't know why.
  9. Novavelle

    Novavelle Hot Rod Pony

    yeah, I too think regular boy's need to be on the way after these :)
  10. Canazta

    Canazta Unicorn Pony

    drooling over here!
  11. Mefista

    Mefista Guest

  12. faquser

    faquser AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs


    Wow, it's about time eh? Epic huge news and as a customizer I'm super stoked about having a bonafide male bait. Could a standard size boy mold be far behind?
  13. Avaind

    Avaind Gummy the Alligator


    OMG, Lyra! <3
  14. UnicornTamer

    UnicornTamer Incurable Pony Freak!

    So excited!!!!!!
  15. autumn rose

    autumn rose Rosedust divine

    Love dem boyz! Woo woo! Rock-on! Always handsome..
  16. Gypsy_Nights

    Gypsy_Nights Teeny Tiny Baby Pony

    YAY!! :bounce: Wish they had made more boys sooner!! I do hate that they don't sell blind bags in the US though. I also would rather see full size versions. I'm not so fond of the ponyville sizes. Super excited to see they are bringing male toys back into the mix though!!!
  17. SturgeonQueen

    SturgeonQueen Teeny Tiny Baby Pony

    I think I already have a crush on those boys!!! *grabby hands*
  18. Taruto

    Taruto Guest

    I'm way too excited about this!

    Any possibility of someone here or on the Arena doing a group order? I can't wait for them to come out! (And I can't read Chinese...)
  19. Mori_LeStrange

    Mori_LeStrange Dollar Store Baby Fakie

    Whoot! That's great we are getting boy ponies. I hope it means we will be seeing bigger boy ones as well. I really wish that they would bring the blind bags to the U.S.
  20. Peace

    Peace Ta!

    You don't possibly think that Hasbro has gotten over their 'Girls don't want to play with boy ponies' phase, do you?

    Although it does get me a drooling over a prospect of a normal Big Mac toy. Heck, any stallion at is point is welcome.


    I still think McDonald's is going to have issues with that name. They'll probably go with Big Macintosh.

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