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Discussion in 'MLP Discussion' started by Lady Abraxas, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Lady Abraxas

    Lady Abraxas Teeny Tiny Baby Pony

    Hi, everypony! Look what I found on a grocery run today:

    There were:

    • Mini-totes like the Twilight Sparkle one here. There are three other kinds: a red one with Celestia on it, a blue tote with Fluttershy, RD and Pinkie Pie on it and a purple tote with Rarity, Applejack and TS.
    • Sheets of 11 magnets (pictured)
    • Roller Stamp Markers that roll out Cutie Marks!
    • Epoxy stickers (the sheet with more stickers on it)
    • Gem stickers (the sheet with bigger stickers)
    • Plain old stickers with pretty much the same images as the Epoxy stickers
    • Magnetic note pad with TS(pictured) and a green one with Princess Celestia
    • Sticky notes pads with Princess Celestia and a pink pad with Fluttershy, RD and Pinkie Pie.
    • EDIT! I forgot there were also cardboard buckets! A blue one with Celestia and a pink one of the RD, FS and PP trio.
    Everything was a $1! I couldn't buy more because I needed the money for food! XD
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  2. Kar Red Roses

    Kar Red Roses Loquacious Yellow Unicorn

    *screams* Gimme some of everything. That's wonderful stuff for just a buck! Finally, Target got some new pony things in. I feel like its been forever, yano? I almost always check those $1 bins up front when I go to Tar-jay, but there's rarely anything good. Hooray! I'll get down there this weekend and grab a notepad (or six) and some stickers. Thank you for posting!
  3. DialgaBritesMom

    DialgaBritesMom I tooadally promise it'll be toooadally fun!!

    Ahhhhhhh!!! just two weeks ago was in Target (not convenient to get there) and checked those bins. NADA pony related!!! Ahhhhhh!!! There must be an errand we can run down that way....
  4. Lady Abraxas

    Lady Abraxas Teeny Tiny Baby Pony

    No prob, Kar! I must aid my pony people! I thought it was pretty fast that all this merch is showing up. I thought it was just the coloring books but now all this stuff is out too?! Hasbro is steppin' up their game!

    I'm sure you'll think of something, Dialga. ;D -coughTargetfreshproducecough-
  5. Papillons

    Papillons Teeny Tiny Baby Pony

    :bounce: Nice finds! I'm supposed to be on a pony buying hiatus, but I might have to stop by my Target and see what they have!
  6. Mori_LeStrange

    Mori_LeStrange Dollar Store Baby Fakie

    Grrrr.... I was just at Target today and it was one of the few times I didn't check they $1 bins. Oh well, its not to far from where I work. I can check on the way tomorrow!
  7. MonsterIceCream

    MonsterIceCream Princess Rinse 'N Spit

    Gotta hit Target ASAP!!!! O.O
  8. xayide2

    xayide2 Dollar Store Baby Fakie

    Ooooooo! Gotta check Target right after work!
  9. ichigo_pinkchan

    ichigo_pinkchan Easily Amused Pony

    *Very audible GASP*


    Those stickers! I need those stickers in DROVES!!!

    This is GREAT!!!

  10. Archer06

    Archer06 Guest

    Those are so cute :) But we're still waiting on ponies here, i doubt we'll be seeing things like that for at least a year :(
  11. darcerin

    darcerin MD Pony Meet Committee/Known pretzel fiend!

    Ohh good I'm off for the next week so I'll stalk my target in town - Nan, will you be at the fair? I'll happily pick you and DB some stuff!
  12. Sprinkles

    Sprinkles Teeny Tiny Baby Pony

    Wow, those are awesome! I kinda want a tote bag. ^^
  13. xayide2

    xayide2 Dollar Store Baby Fakie

    Nope, none at the Target in one town. The dollar bins look eerily empty though. And they finally clearanced the old FIM ponies. So that means new stuff coming soon.
  14. derpygurl

    derpygurl Banned

    i ned all of that stuff NOW!
  15. Achan

    Achan Guest

    I'm heading to Tarjay and Toys R Us tomorrow, so... *cross fingers*
  16. PonyMommy

    PonyMommy Bushwoolie

    I was just about to make this thread. I found pony stuff in the dollar bins too, but no where near as much as you found. All my Target had was the magnets, note pads, and sticky note pads.
  17. DialgaBritesMom

    DialgaBritesMom I tooadally promise it'll be toooadally fun!!

    Oooh, yes we will be there inshallah and yes, please!! Two of everything. Heh. LMK if you need paypal $ or just cash at the fair.
  18. MustBeJewel

    MustBeJewel Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Checked the local Target on my way home today, no luck here :( Hopefully soon!
  19. Ianthe99

    Ianthe99 Princess Rinse 'N Spit

    I need those stickers for my desk! I *almost* feel guilty.. being raised not to destroy furniture... but my computer desk is getting covered in stickers! My monitor too! Cutouts from my Monster High doll boxes too! Hey.. I'm a grownup and can do as I please.. so NYAH! :p
  20. ShortyBoo

    ShortyBoo Bushwoolie

    I'm going to Target first thing tomorrow. I usually check the dollar bins for Hello Kitty stuff, but I never thought they'd have pony items!

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