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Jun 15, 2012
This is MoonWillow - my Pony Persona.
Not that good, but.. it'll due til I can get a better one ~ ;)

About MoonWillow:

Father's Name: "Sir Archer" - Pegasus - Knight of the Round Table
Black Body - White Mane and Tail - Yellow Eyes.
Archer's Symbol: Lightning & Stars

Mother's Name: "Euphemia" - Earth Pony
White Body - Multi-Colored Mane and Tail - Blue Eyes.
Euphemia's Symbol: Hearts and Stars


MoonWillow is from a long line of Gifted Ponies.
Guardians, Protectors, Fore-seers, Healers and Warriors.

She is loyal, brave, strong, intelligent, artistic, logical.
But she can be worrisome, leary, introverted, and cynical.

All the ponies love MoonWillow.
Especially the boys ~ ;)

She's been known to sneak a kiss or two!
And she's frequently spotted out with Ice Crystal.

She prefers the night over the day.
But loves to swim!

Her Favorite Quote is:
"True Love will wait Centuries to unleash its bowels of intimacy and passion. While empty love is handed over to fools and played out daily".

Her Best Friend is: Pinkie Pie - Moon loves Pinkie's happy-go-lucky nature.

Her Favorite food is: Broccoli !!!

Her Favorite Color is: Electric Mystical Blue

Her Fav Animals are: Wolves - whom she shares a secret understanding.

Her Favorite Flowers are: Tulips

Her Favorite Tree is: The Willow Tree

Her Birthday is: September 5th

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

I'll be updating this persona the more I get to know "MoonWillow" ~

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