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This was the last custom that I finished in 2013 before taking an unintentional years-long break. She was a gift for a friend's daughter's birthday, and I thought that the pictures were lost forever by accidental deletion until I accidentally clicked the wrong program on my PC today. I also found the missing pictures from our 2012 vacation and my son's first birthday party, so I am SUPER excited right now.

Anyway, I believe she was made from a styling-sized boutique Pinkie Pie; painted with Apple Barrel acrylics; sealed with Delta CeramCoat Matte and Mod Podge Gloss; rehaired with various Dollyhair nylon colors. The outfit, shoes, and headband came with the pony and happened to fit the theme. I made a customized package for her, but I don't think I took pictures of it because Hasbro is super-touchy about custom packages and has been known to send out cease and desist letters related to it.
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