My Monster High OC doll: Hexi Decimal

Discussion in 'Other Artwork' started by LLBPonyGirl, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. LLBPonyGirl

    LLBPonyGirl Current Glory Army: 103; Minty Army: 63

    I know there's a group of MH fans on here, so I thought I'd share my girl here too.

    Hexi is a viral ghost, meaning she can transfer between electronical devises, can electricute you if you wanted to, is a techno-path and is techno-kinetic, and basically feeds off of energy. She can eat regular food, but doesn't usually, but she does like to drink coffee (the caffine is energetic!)

    This is her digital picture/concept;


    And this is my doll:

    I made her clothes myself-took me like 2-3 days of sewing, but it was worth it. She's still a bit of a WIP because I *should* finish off the bag's strap, ad paint on the patches on her bag, and I need to figure out how to make her glasses (those are PSed on in the photo), but I'm very happy with how she came out, and very proud of my handiwork. I rarely customize dolls after all.

    Here's a link to her bio page if you're intereted: MH: Hexi Decimal bio by *KPenDragon on deviantART

    As well as one to some glamour shots I put together: MH: Hexi Decimal doll pics01 by *KPenDragon on deviantART

    Also if you click on the pics above they should take you to the dA pages for them, if you want to comment/fav over there.

    So yup, that's my MH girl ^^

    :reaper: Kat :reaper:
  2. Firefly

    Firefly Try Strange, Deranged, Devine and Different

    She looks great !
    I cant believe you sewed all of her cloths and her bag ! They look so pro
    Great job she is awsome :)
  3. autumn rose

    autumn rose Rosedust divine

    Awww! Wow! Such a pretty girl, exellence..
  4. Sunnie Bunny

    Sunnie Bunny Bushwoolie

    Wow that's Awesome!
    So creative love her name and monster abilities.
    :eek:mg:LOVE IT!

    I'm trying to make my self a monster character lol still figuring out the type of monster hehehe
    I know my color scheem but cant get her powers yet 00)
  5. Willow

    Willow "You're doomed! You're all doomed!"

    That's so good!!! She looks wonderful!
    Though I have to admit, being a Reboot fan, she reminded me first of a different Hexidecimal. :lol: Maybe they can be related, heh
  6. LLBPonyGirl

    LLBPonyGirl Current Glory Army: 103; Minty Army: 63

    Ooopse I hadn't thought of that when I named her :lol:;;; I'm a Reboot fan too, though probably not the best ^^; But actually, I based her off of Technus from Danny Phantom; well ok Nic and Dani, because I love that pairing ^^ I also just love viral ghhosts who are coffee-hollics :lol:

    :reaper: Kat :reaper:
  7. Doodlebug

    Doodlebug Loves baby Fluttershy.

    She looks amazing! I especially like the outfit design!
  8. Panda

    Panda Prancing Purple Pony

    She's cute! I love her skin colour.
  9. Tiegrsi

    Tiegrsi Horder of Applejacks

    I'm not a major MH fan, but I LOVE your doll! And her backstory is wonderful and creative! The people that make the show and dolls should pick your character up...I think she'd be a great addition. :)
  10. nsunshine

    nsunshine Bushwoolie

    Great work!! will you be doing customs to sell?
  11. nsunshine

    nsunshine Bushwoolie

    Thats really cool!!!
  12. hunnybunny99

    hunnybunny99 Teeny Tiny Baby Pony

    She's really great! It's neat you made a custom of her.
  13. bigmlpfan

    bigmlpfan Always another rainbow 'round the bend'

    So cool :bounce:

    bigmlpfan xx
  14. plinkwink

    plinkwink Banned

    Shes soo beautiful
  15. AZdreamer

    AZdreamer Princess Rinse 'N Spit

    She is amazing!!!! Great job!
    (I am actually looking to commission someone to make me a custom MH doll)
  16. Ringlet

    Ringlet Newly crowned princess of Equestria

    Idk anything at all about monster high dolls, but she looks great. What company makes these dolls? They kinda look like zombie Bratz.:bath:(don't really have any reason behind this emoticon, just thought it was funny.)
  17. buddafly

    buddafly @----}--------

    you should have put her age as 14, but in binary!

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