My OC Ponies :D



Well, I thought about posting them here. There are five, but I only use three when requesting adoptables. All are (c) me, please don't steal! ^^

This is Seaqua, my first pony. She can change into any type of pony, but rarely does. She is mostly seen as an earth or winged unicorn pony. Her mother is the greatest goddess. She's born on the 1st of July.
Digital Art by Teara97 on deviantART

This is Aylin, a patchwork pony. She is VanillaTwilight's cousin The users on the Arena helped me create her on the 31th of January 2011.
Patchwork MLP by ~Teara97 on deviantART

He is Seaqua's boyfriend and husband, VanillaTwilight. He can hide his wings and his horn by wearing a magical collar. His birthday is on the 12th of June.
Digital Art by Teara97 on deviantART

Libra, a pony that totally represents me. She's Seaqua's little sister. She's born on the 22nd of June.
Digital Art by Teara97 on deviantART

And finally, my youngest girl, CherryWing. Her wings change into feathered wings at night, while her horn disappears. She is Seaqua's and Aylin's friend, and is born on the 12th of July.
CherryWing During the Day Ref by ~Teara97 on deviantART

Find more about their background story and relationships at my site: - Explore My World...

Their birthdays aren't related one to each other. They are just the dates they were created at. :)

I hope you like them! ^^


Awesome! They sound so cool, but my 3DS doesn't like loading DeviantArt. Never mind! ^^"