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Hi everyone!

Thought I'd chime in here :)

I will try to keep my wishlist as simple as possible. If I listed every pony I hope to have list would be huge! Instead, I'm just listing the ponies I'm aiming for currently, along with the condition I hope to buy them in~

Here we go!!

Seaflower: good-minty
Wave Runner: upgrade to very good-minty
Shoreline: good-minty
Raincurl: good-minty
Streaky: very good-minty
Powder: very good-minty
Starflower: upgrade to very good-minty, if possible.
Sugar Apple: very good-minty
SS Scrumptious: good-minty
SS Bangles: Upgrade to very good-excellent condition.
SS Truly: good-minty
SS Angel: good-minty
TAF Love Melody: good-minty
TAF Nightglider: upgrade to very good-minty
TAF Merriweather: good-minty
TE Quackers: good-minty.

G1 Sparkle Ponies:
Sky Rocket: good-minty
Star Dancer: very good-minty

UK G1 Ponies:
Ice Crystal (of course): fair-very good

35th anniversary ponies:

I'll be updating this list periodically and as I obtain some of these beauties!~

Much love and Thanks for reading :D
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