Next At McDonald's!!! *new pics added page 7*

Discussion in 'MLP Discussion' started by LLBPonyGirl, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. LLBPonyGirl

    LLBPonyGirl Current Glory Army: 103; Minty Army: 63


    I just saw a commercial for Bakugan, so I was all lik e"oh they've switched over finally. Lets go see what's up next" cause I'm a dork like that. and so i went to see and SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! PONYS!!!!

    and tonka trucks, but PONYS!!!!!

    now we just have to wait 3 weeks ^^;;;;;

    :reaper: Kat :reaper:

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  2. Firefly

    Firefly Try Strange, Deranged, Devine and Different

    Omg !!! I will definately be eating a lot of Mcdonalds soon :)
  3. thebeth

    thebeth Diva Pony

    omg!!! *excited*
  4. tsukikakushi

    tsukikakushi Ctarl-ctarl Outlaw Pony

    OMG yay! Now I'll have a reason to leave for my lunch breaks :)
  5. Cool Breeze

    Cool Breeze Bushwoolie

    YES! I'm so excited!
  6. Pikabubba

    Pikabubba Guest

    O.O must get! Oh man that means I'd have to get 3 happy meals XD
    2 for my sons and 1 for me >.>
  7. xayide2

    xayide2 Dollar Store Baby Fakie

    Yay! More McD ponies! They'll definitely have to be different than the last release. I wonder what they'll look like?
  8. skig

    skig Resident Music Goddess

    I'll have to get my friend's boyfriend to get me a set. I can't do McDonald's anymore.
  9. Ianthe99

    Ianthe99 Princess Rinse 'N Spit

    Pics? Please?
  10. MidnightChyld

    MidnightChyld Teeny Tiny Baby Pony

    Wah! I love getting little happy meals! Thay make me happy! Are they going to be the hub ponies I wonder?
  11. RavenFeather

    RavenFeather Bushwoolie

    well, judging by the pic, I'd assume so!

    I know where I'm going to be eating for lunch for a while when they come out!! ^_^ PONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. MidnightChyld

    MidnightChyld Teeny Tiny Baby Pony

    Oh sweet! When I posted there was no picture yet.
  13. MistyMoonlight

    MistyMoonlight Flutter... with Roller Skates!

    GAAAAH I'm so excited! I was hoping they'd do this!

    I don't eat meat so I can't really get a Happy Meal, but their french fries are my guilty pleasure, and if you go in they're usually very nice about just giving/selling the toys by themselves.
  14. Ms Twilight

    Ms Twilight Princess Rinse 'N Spit

    Yay! McDonald's here I come (in 3 weeks)!

    Okay, well maybe tomorrow. Those new holiday pies that they have are AWESOME!
  15. PinkieMint

    PinkieMint Rock-Star Pony

    Whoohoo! Ponies!! Unfortunately we won't have them in Romania :(
  16. DialgaBritesMom

    DialgaBritesMom I tooadally promise it'll be toooadally fun!!


    :cat_5: *sits down and watches calendar*

    EDIT: we asked at the local McDs and they said they're the "next toy out and so probably they'll have them in a week or two".
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  17. drusilla

    drusilla Princess Rinse 'N Spit


    Does that meen canada wont get them cause we dont have the show?
  18. ShortyBoo

    ShortyBoo Bushwoolie

    Do the US and Canada usually get the same toys at the same time? If they normally do, then I'd imagine it would be simpler to just release the pony toys in Canada, too. Besides, I thought I saw it mentioned somewhere that the show would eventually air in Canada, so having the toys could be good early promotion for it.
  19. Doodlebug

    Doodlebug Loves baby Fluttershy.

    Normally I'm NOT interested in McD's ponies; however, I must say, this has caught my attention! :D

    I look forward to seeing what they look like!
  20. Kaiterbelle

    Kaiterbelle Sparkle Pegasus

    OOo YAY!!! I think this is the first time I`m actually excited about a MLP Happy Meal since the 90`s. This totally makes up for the Hello Kitty Happy meal toys being lame .(they did watches LAST time! *grumble*) I cant wait! I can just see my husband rolling his eyes now as I tell him about this....teehee.:apple:

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