For Sale Nightmarity-OC commissions-AGGRETSUKO-Sailor Sylveon/Luna-Captain Jack-Trixie


Twinkles the Cat
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Apr 25, 2012
I've done about 10 custom projects since last thread so suppose it's time for an update.

Customs marked for sale, feel free to message me to buy, and I'm also always open for commissions!

Firstly, is Nightmare Rarity custom, embellished in my vision. She currently resides with Traveling Pony Museum.
Link for craft details:

Next up, is a custom Spike OC commission. Customer sent me the Spike base, and this was my first time ever customizing Spike.

Aaaaannnd ANOTHER OC commission! I called this one "UnitoastyCorn". xD

Next up is AGGRESTSUKU SET!!!! THIS IS AVAILABLE!!!! YOU WILL BUY IT CAUSE YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!!! [/Aggretsuku rage face] this link for more details.

Next up, is SAILOR SYLVEON CUSTOM!!!! SHE IS AVAILABLE!!! SHE IS ADORABLE AND YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO BUY HER!!!! .......basically I spliced Pokemon Sylveon with Sailor Moon scout outfit and came up with this.
Link for more details:

Next up, 9 inch tall styling sized zilla Captain Jack Sparrow! He is AVAILABLE
Link for more details:

Next up, I did my own rendition of a Princess Trixie custom. She sold instantly.

Next up, adorable Nintendo 3ds Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds set of Princess Zelda and Hilda.

Link for info:

And next up, I spliced Princess Luna from Friendship Is Magic, with Luna from Sailor Moon! And this is what I came up with. She is AVAILABLE
Link for more detail:

And my latest work, a Tales of Zestiria Mikleo commission. This one will be joining a ToZ Sorey custom in Spain.

And, this is all folks.