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Novel Cover Renovations and New Future Story


Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Apr 26, 2017
Upon the advice from the many members of various forms. 'The cover will attract a younger audience, not an older audience." I commissioned Holivi to illustrated the characters. Blossom and Skyler.

Laurie Garland[21937].jpg

Do you think the new cover is more than enough to keep Middle graders away and Attract the 16 and up a crowd?


On a side note, going through the many Art pieces my partner did. I love this one so very much.
Remember the old tales of Robin Hood and Rapunzel.
Well, my character, Oakley, is similar to robin hood in my story. (A clyasus born with only one wing who dreams of being the finest archer in all the lands. And Rapunzaleana is the Rapunzel in this story too. ( She is the Beautiful Unidale. Every time she uses her magic it causes her mane and tail to grow very long. ) I have been thinking of writing a beautiful Adventurous romantic love story between my two characters. Its creative Unique mash-up, written in a creative unique, style. So what do you think about the new concept? Not abanding Blossom and The Dragon their stories will continue.

Robin and Rapunzel.jpg

What do you think of the Reboot Cover will and the concept of the story?