G1 PC on some ponies! G-1 and G-3! Would love any help!


Thank you for viewing my post! I Amin need of some pony knowledge! I have been out of the G-1 loop for a while and I was thinking buying a few to add to my small G1 collection! ( assuming that they are all in Excellent condition w/ no cancer, haircuts, etc.
Lucky the Stallion
Baby Racer
Baby Pineapple
Sugar Apple w/ & w/o accessories

And some G-3’s ( a few I haven’t seen forsale in a reallly long time)
Chocolate chipper ( mint w/ accessories)
Caribbean Delight mint condition
Beach Belle mint
Pumpkin Tart mint
Puzzle-mint mint condition
Snowdrop swirl mint w/ accessories
Rainbow bubbles mint w/ accessories
These are mainly some pony goals for 2019-20! Realistic, no but I would love any PC’s that y’all could help me with!
Thank you!


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Lucky you can usually find in good condition with his bow tie for $25-30usd give or take.

Baby Racer is also about $25usd for just the pony, if you want his accessories I’ve seen him go up to about $60usd.

Baby Pineapple is a toss up. Most recently sold about $40usd in good condition.

Sugar Apple (one I’ve personally been watching forever) in great condition your looking to spend about $40-80usd. If your not afraid to do some cleaning and re-rooting you can nab one fairly cheap every now and again.

Unfortunately that’s all the help I can offer as I don’t collect G3. But I know lots of members here do and will come here soon to help as well.


Wow! Sugar apple has really jumped in price since I last saw her! I didn’t know racer could go for that much! Thank you for your help Skybreeze!


Lucky the Stallion - He's been going pretty cheap recently. I have a near mint on eBay with the starting price of $8 right now with no bids. I'd say around $8-$12.
Baby Racer - $30-$50
Baby Pineapple - $25-$45
Sugar Apple w/o accessories - $30-$40 (I'd say maybe $50-$75 with accessories)
Thanks blue rose!