Peekaboo's Cow Fursona


Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Hi there~ I just wanted to share with everyone the Fluffy side of me~
My Fursona is a Cow named Peekaboo, yes shes female and doesn't have Utters.
Her Design is mostly for a Fursuit and I really think the Utters a bit Unflattering Especially interacting with Children. :3 In the future I might draw her with and Utter but for now no~
I hope you guys Enjoy and I have a Furaffinaty account but Since is does have NSFW art I can't Post it. I also do Pony Art~ I'm currently taking Comissions for 100x100 Icons for $3 CAD so PM me if you're interested and I can send you an Example.


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Wonderful! *clap clap clap* Simply gorgeous and cute..awww..