Princess Snowflake's Persona

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Prince Winter Flurry

Very Rugged Mountain Boy
Here is my profile:
Name: Princess Snowflake
type: Pegasi
Body: light purple with very hot pink freckles with a blue Lightning blaze down the front of her face
Hair: pure snow white with lightning blue stripe
Symbol: A Black thundercloud with brilliant blue lightning and a metallic silver snowflake falling from it
Bow: Pink
Birthmark: A bright blue Crown shaped birthmark
Location Of Birthmark: On the front of her right front hoof
Nickname: Thunderstorm
Eye Color: Metallic Blue Sapphire
Personality: Very Refined and cool calculating. She loves to farm
Powers: Controlling the Snow and Ice and Rainbows. Creating Thunderstorms and change the texture of the floor. Changing the texture of the roads and sidewalks.
Color Of Hooves: Black as a thundercloud
Hooves: Gecko like oversized super Hairy Hooves
Generation: Generation 1
Wing Color: metallic silver
Allergies: Bee Stings
Extra Info: Super hairy legs and the hair on her hooves and legs will regrow instantly even thicker when shaved and the hair completely covers her hooves but not long enough to be stepped on. She has a very huge permanent daredevil streak in her and oversized pony hooves.
Size: The Size of a Big Brother Pony
Bandana Color: blue and grey
Breed: Clydhsire
Weight: 2,000 Pounds
How do you like my Breed? A Clydhsire is a mixture of a Clydesdale and Shire.
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